[Solved] Miniupnpd not opening ports for ps4

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I am currently using a linksys1900acs v2 router with openwrt 18.06 release. I have installed miniupnpd so that I can have open NAT type when playing video games over the internet e.g. Call of Duty via my ps4.

On previous builds such as 17.01 miniupnpd worked fine and picked up ports automatically (as this is what upnp does, sorry for pointing out the obvious), but this isnt the case now.

My router isn't picking up the ports for my ps3/ps4 , can anyone suggest anything that would fix this issue?, please bare in mind i am a beginner in OpenWRT.

However I have port forwarded 3074 via UDP-TCP for my ps4 however this isn't practicle as some games won't use that port. I have also updated the list in 'SOFTWARE'.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Have you enabled the service? Normally, even though installed or when installed, the service is not enabled by default.

If it is enabled and not forwarding the issue could be your miniupnpd is using IGDv2 vs IGDv1. This link to a previous post describes the issue and how to fix it:

Have you checked that you have selected this option ?


You can also check "Enable additional logging" in order to view what's going on in the system log.


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Hi Marbi,

I have not had chance to check as of yet as I work full time, but when i get 5 minutes I will check this when I get hom today.

Although is that setting ticked by default?




I will also try to enable miniupnpd via putty when I get home today after Ive tried troubleshooting other possible way of solving the issue.

But i will also take a look at the post you've linked aswell.



No real need to do that. The link was to a previous thread of @Marbi discussing the issue and how to fix it by compiling miniupnp yourself. @Marbi's screenshot shows there is now an option to change the IGD version advertisment in LuCI now, which I was not aware they added.

Ah yes! Its worked.

Thank you for pointing that out

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