Luci-app-nlbwmon no data in graphs

Hi, I recently installed luci-app-nlbwmon on my openwrt router. I rebooted the router. I can see the tab and all configuration options in GUI but there is no data in graphs.

Can anyone suggest what may be wrong?

Have you tried "force reload"? There's a link for that, in the screenshot.

yes, I did that. it did nothing. I just did a reset on router. It worked.

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Hi everyone, im having the same problem, but i tried to reboot and still nothing!
What else can i check?

Try removing the existing, potentially corrupted, database and restart nlbwmon.

# rm /var/lib/nlbwmon/*.db.gz
# /etc/init.d/nlbwmon restart

I'm having this issue as well. It worked for 1 month, but when a new month started, it wouldn't pick up new data.

I did ssh into openwrt and deleted the database as @slh said above, and that got it back. I suppose at present this needs to be done every month, though. I'd love to know of a way to make it work without that. Or another monitoring package that works.

how you reset counters