Linksys MR8300 AC2200 Tri Band


I'm planning to buy a new router to install OpenWrt and I'm thinking of getting Linksys MR8300 due to its power and availability in my region.

I see there's already an under construction page for it. I also see added support for it in the v21.02.0-rc1 detailed release note (search for MR8300).

I understand v21.02.0 stable is yet to be released but I'm wondering if it's safe to already buy MR8300 now (because I need a new router now) to install v21.02.0 when it's released? At this stage, what are the odds of MR8300 not being fully supported by v21.02.0?

WAN port VLAN tagging is currently broken on IPQ40XX target because OpenWrt detects two different NICs (eth1 WAN and eth0 LAN), on other platforms the WAN is eth0.2 and thus you can use VLANs without problems.

If you don't need VLANs then it should be good considering it has 512MB RAM which is more than enough to handle 3 ath10k radios and plenty of third party services running.

I've just ordered this device yesterday. It'll be ship in a couple of days. I'll be able to get you so back experience.
For what I have understood, the MR8300 image is based on the EA8300 which is a very close device. This later is supported for 2y now. So I'm pretty confidend the MR8300 will be fully supported in 21.01.0.

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I have the router now. Here is some back experience (MR8300 v1.1)

start the router without WAN access. go to Click on background to bypass the loading of controler for your smartphone.
Go to and upload a factory image.

First I try to upload a custom build image (with mesh), and the wifi0 (qca 9886) doesn't seem to work. There are documented issues about this (EA8300 and MR8300). I Tried to change channel, power, country ,driver (CT or not). I went back to wpad-basic-wolfsll (no mesh), nothing seem to work. ipq4019 internal wifi works nevertheless.

So I switched to the 2nd firmware which still has the stock firmware, and setup the LAN and wifi with it.I allowed WAN access. I flashed the factory image provided by openwrt (no custom). I remove wpad-basic-wolfsll to wpad-mesh-wolfssl. Everything works now, including the wifi0.
There is certainly something that had change between the two tries, but I can't tell.

Hey @geminis3 , this issue only affects the WAN port? So when I'm using VLANs on the LAN ports of the MR8300 it should work?
Asking because I need to replace my old router, which uses multi-SSIDs and VLANs, and the MR8300 seems to fullfil all my needs.

Yes, on LAN ports it works

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