Linksys ea9500v1 recommendation

I'm going to end up in a bid war for one of these routers. the question is it appears to be European, French I believe or maybe canadian. I'm going to need to know will it take US firmware to convert it over and is anything disabled that might pose a problem? got 3 days left hopefully someone can help. thanks in advance

Is [the EA9500v2, later corrected to v1] a supported device under OpenWrt at all?[Model*~]=9500 doesn't look too helpful, nor does

or the apparent silence after

lol holy crap ur right. sorry about that. title has been updated. I was thinking of the v1. would that work if it needed to be flashed to US

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I'd carefully read the Build for Linksys EA9500 thread, then ask any unanswered questions on that thread, as I'm not an expert on that device and it looks like it is not a "trivial" flash in some cases.