EA9500 v2 Build Target

I am looking to add support for the EA9400 v2.

I am a capable embedded developer who has back ported and forward ported various parts of the kernel in the past for my work.

I pulled the GPL source for this router and the kernel .config file shows to be the 64bit build target so it should be for this chip http://downloads.linksys.com/downloads/gpl/EA9500S_v2.1.1.186574_GPL.tgz ,from the link at the site both EA9500v2 and EA9500S point to the same file.

The kernel is 4.1.27 which is out of date compared to what is currently in the LEDE system, so I will have to forward port the patches done to the kernel for the current LEDE kernel, which should not be to much of a problem.

I have ported 2.6 kernel stuff to 4.3 and 4.11 kernel in the past.

now my problem is that I have not used the LEDE/openwrt build environment before.

I download it and started the process of building which requires setting the target type.

Is there already a target for the EA9500v2 that has already been started or will I need to make one. if I need to make one which target should I base it off of.

from that point I can do the rest.

It's broadcom ( BCM4908 )... broadcom is not open source friendly.

fgrep -r BCM4 target/linux/

mvbu might be worth checking out as a possible target skeleton.

Hello. Does anyone know what command to send the original firmware to Linksys Ea9500v2 via Uart TTL cable.

My Log:
Trying to store crash
Could not save crash, partition not clean
Rebooting in 5 seconds..
kerSysSoftReset: called on cpu 1


no idea.... ( 95% you'll do more damage ) see if this alias is present;

Thanks a lot for answering. This is another botloader - CFE, not Marvell. The commands are quite different. It's not the same as Wrt1900 or Ea9500v1. And you know the way to switch boot from partition 2. In the link I am sending the full log from the start up. Maybe that's enough.