Linksys e1000 failing to install 18.06.1 firmware

I have a Linksys e1000 with the v2.1 firmware installed on it. I read the quick start guide and the install instructions provided from the e1000 page. I have the correct Firmware OpenWrt Install for version 18.06.1. Just for precaution I reset the router to factory default, go to the firmware upgrade page and select the downloaded file. The progress bar goes to 4% then the router reboots and displays a "Firmware Upgrade Failed" message.

Have tried looking through the device forum for a solution, but have had no luck. I should note I am somewhat inexperienced in the area and am trying to learn more.

I own a Valet M10. I know for a fact that version 18.06.1 won't fit! Mine was bricked upgrading from 17.01.5 to 17.01.6. In fact, version 17.01.5 only had ~222 kb for configs.

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Try 17.01.4 or 17.01.5 instead.