Linksys E1200 Version 1 [32MB] and OpenWrt Question

I got typical question about the Openwrt system.
I got this router Linksys E1200 v1 (32mb-ram).

Iam interested to install this software on it.
I see it possible if you release it.

Iam interested to use VPN & IPTV features is it going to work ?

EDIT: And which of theese i shoud use

**Firmware OpenWrt Install URL:**
**Firmware OpenWrt snapshot Install URL:**

EDIT2: Is my wifi going to work i see this on my router info page

LEDE Forum Topic URL:

Is it more secure to use ddWRT ?

Thanks in advance.
Sorry if iam in wrong forum please correct me.

  • You only have 4MB RAM, you likely won't be able to install version 18
  • With only 4MB RAM, you likely won't be able to install the packages needed for VPN and IPTV
  • You may have poor WiFi (see warning on device page)
  • The CPU and RAM are no good for VPN encryption
  • DD-WRT hasn't been updated in years, OpenWrt is more secure
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Isn't that Flash memory needed to flash the boot sector with new information ?

Flash MB:4


I don't understand your question. In any case, you only have 4MB of flash.

Boot sector???

It isn't a hard disk drive.

For more see:

I understand now i''am still woundering to flash my device with openWRT i hope to have gui but this says i may not have it :frowning:

Devices with 4 MByte or less Flash memory can install OpenWrt as well, but with a limited feature set. They cannot use optional packages and in some cases may also not have a web GUI, due to limited flash space and may therefore have to stick to command line administration only. The creation of individual custom packages may help to avoid some of these limitations on such 'small' devices, but such a custom-package-creation is not part of this howto.


Correct, OpenWrt is compatible; but the E1200 is a very old device.

4MB flash space is not large enough to run version 18 of OpenWrt. In addition, 32 MB of RAM will be slow running the web GUI.


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Your device is too limited in its resources to do much more than the simplest of routing and wireless. Even if you could get the firmware installed for a VPN, it will likely crash.

From the above link

32 MB can work for minimal router/AP functions, but may repeatedly “crash”, depending on your hardware and use case

In the time it takes you to discover this yourself, if anyone could ever get that far, you could have a new router that has reasonable resources for ongoing use for around US$20, some of which already come with "close to the tree" OpenWrt and VPN firmware and GUI installed. Many opinions and recommendations in the long thread


I find my solution with Freshtomatoo , if anyone interested

Linux 2.6.36 from

From October 2010

Kernel 2.6 EOLed in May 2011, 8 years ago, from

Past getting your router running, that can't possibly be a solution with any security or robustness.


What can i do i dont wanna use the stock firmware :frowning:
And still offers me alot more functions and stuff i checked the latest ddwrt firmware and its dd-wrt.v24-37305_NEWD-2_K2.6_mini-e1200v1 based on Kernel 2.6 too for E1200 v1 router.

Spend on the order of US$20 and buy a current router with at least 16 MB of flash and 128 MB of RAM.

It's had a good 8 year run since its 2011 release, but devices of its capabilities are, as you're finding out, Difficult, at best, to securely use today. Even with all those "features" and, in my opinion, unwisely ignoring the security problems, the slow CPU and limited RAM is likely going to be the limit on usability and stability of the device.

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Follow jeff's advice. Everything else will not make you happy.

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