IPTV Stops after 4 Minutes on OpenWrt

I have a seemingly strange issue, or may be I am just a newbie to all this.
I am new to OpenWRT and not-so-good at linux. But recently did a lot of reading on OpenWRT and has been learning so many new things.
Despite all my research and learning, i have failed to fix this one issue and has been very frustrating.

Basically, I have my IPTV setup as per the attached diagram.

  • Problem is, IPTV channels stop after every 4 minutes 35 seconds or so and I can't just figure out what's going wrong.
  • Once I change channel, it starts working until it stops again after the same time period.
  • A restart of igmpproxy service fixes the issue until the same time period.
  • There is stuttering in IPTV channels, but very occasionally, not so frequent which also gets fixed with a channel change.
  • And finally, there are no problems at all when i directly connect the IPTV to the ONT device (ISP provided router) directly.

Couldn't make out much from the tcpdump outputs, as i do see igmp requests flowing through, even after the channel stops 'streaming'.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

Just a tip here: Is the IPTV service might be requiring a specific VLAN id to work properly that get stripped by the OpenWrt router?

Like in this thread: Enabling VLAN for 32X using Dc502 latest firmware

Or it might just have to do with NAT between 192.168.100.* and 192.168.1.*... I assume you are double-natting at this point (ONT NATs you and OpenWrt NATs you again). Do you need the second NAT endpoint provided by OpenWrt?

@DjiPi thanks for the tip, but in my case the communication is indeed happening albeit for 4.5 minutes. It wouldn't have worked from start if this was the case, isn't it? Correct me if i am wrong.

As for the NAT question, i do not have an explicit NAT configured, but yes, the LAN side on my OpenWRT is in 192.168.1.x range and the WAN side (which is LAN for ISP router) is in 192.168.100.x range. And as far as i have heard, for multicasting, NAT is irrelevant.

In my case, the multicasting works initially, and then it stops after a specific duration

@Basy4u, welcome to the community!

What is the Quickleave setting in your OpenWrt's igmpproxy config?

@lleachii thankyou!
quickleave is set to 0

Below is my igmpproxy config:

config igmpproxy
        option quickleave 0
#       option verbose [0-3](none, minimal[default], more, maximum)

config phyint
        option network wan
        option zone wan
        option direction upstream
        list altnet

config phyint
        option network lan
        option zone lan
        option direction downstream

Any update on this.

I'm in the same problem with same topology, any help will be appreciated.


The typical setup is to bridge the TV box all the way back to the ONT on its separate VLAN. Don't try to route or process TV packets at all.

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Thank you for your response.

Would you mind if you share your setup please?

Thanks again!

It really depends on the arrangement of your network and what hardware you have.

At the least you will need an OpenWrt router or a VLAN capable ("managed") Ethernet switch at each end of the cable that is being shared for TV and Internet. See this other thread: 2 WAN with 1 LAN - #7 by slh

I meant, if would share your OpenWrt settings. I don't know how to achieve your recommendation:

The typical setup is to bridge the TV box all the way back to the ONT on its separate VLAN. Don't try to route or process TV packets at all.

My IPTV tunner is connected to OpenWrt, and this is connected to ISP modem. It works fine for only 4 minutes and stops. I can watch recorded programs without interruption, i don't know what to do.