2 WAN with 1 LAN

Hi everyone,

I am trying to solve an issue that has been thrown at me by my stupid ISP.

My ISP comes over a fibre line into a GPON, ports 1,2 & 3 are set up to connect directly to an IPTV box that they provide and port 4 is for a normal internet connection.

My house has ethernet routed in the walls however where the TV is I only have 1 network socket but need to be able to connect multiple devices including the IPTV box through this 1 socket, so I have a switch at this location.

The ISP has told me that the IPTV box needs to be plugged directly into the GPON (ports 1-3) to work and can't be routed through my LAN like a normal device/client, so I am going to need to work out some kind of magic pipe through my LAN that will connect to one of the IPTV ports on the GPON.

I am fairly new to the world of networking so not sure what terminology or technology I need to be using in this situation. I have built quite a robust network at this stage with VPN policy-based routing so should be able to tackle this if I know where to start.

To me, this sounds like I have 2 WAN's which I want to be able to specify which devices go out on what WAN but have tried a few things but in all honestly I don't know what I am doing here.

I am using a Raspberry Pi to host my OpenWRT (don't hate, it's working great and I needed a very small form factor to fit in my coms cupboard) with 2 USB to Ethernet dongles to give me 2 WANS.

I have drawn a diagram below to show what I am trying to achieve here. My main worry is that the ISP will see my ethernet dongles MAC address and hops and not the IPTV directly so at this stage I am calling this a magic pipe through my LAN. :rofl:

Any help or point in the right direction would be amazing. Thank you all :slight_smile: