Installing OpenWrt to D-Llink DWR-921

Can someone show step by step how to installation openwrt on my dwr 921.. urgent. Please help me..

See the device info page:

Dude, it's the 1st hit on Google if you search for openwrt dwr-921?

My router model dwr 921 c1
After i flash this file

My router can't be used.. no connection and no wifi

Need to configure the modem and wifi

I newbie.. after flashing wrt firmware
I can't use my router no connection
Please help me

Do How to make my wan ip address static - #18 by frollic and install the required packages.

Can you access the OpenWrt web interface at

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I can't access coz my phone not connected to wifi..

Should i used network cable (rj45) to connect router?

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Yes. WiFi is disabled by default on openwrt. You must use Ethernet.

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Did you install luci and luci-theme-bootstrap ?

Without these the web gui won't work

If the op flashed the image referenced earlier, it is a stable release version (22.03.2) and therefore has LuCI pre installed.

The op needs to first connnect by Ethernet and hopefully get an ip via dhcp from the router.


Oh then I suggest you to connect the Ethernet cable to your pc and go to and configure your settings accordingly

To make it accessible from mobile or from wireless devices go to network > wireless > then turn on your 2.4ghz/5ghz wlan interface

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Exactly... but let's make sure that @Rayz sees the above advice (@amirulandalib - you replied to me :slight_smile: )


What to do next?

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Depends on your goals. Usually, enable wifi (set the SSID and password, and then enable the radio). Maybe change other settings relevant to your needs.

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Do you know how to enable radio? My router doesn't have internet connection

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