How to update kernel ubi image rt3200 belkin

hello how tu update my kernel please thanks

Capture kernel 2

i have a ubi image by daniel golle

Just regularly update to a later snapshot e.g. from here:

The file you need for that is called as follows:


BTW: Daniel's excellent installer readme would have explained all this in great detail (steps on the bottom of it).


hello I already have daniel golle's ubi but I can't install sqm on it

how to find the original firmware and have the snapshots,

I do not understand this procedure to return to the original firmware

WARNING This will replace the bootloader (TF-A 2.2, U-Boot 2020.10) and convert the flash layout of the device to UBI! The installer stores a copy of the previous bootchain in a dedicated UBI volume boot_backup . If you want to go back to the vendor firmware, you will have to boot into recovery mode (ie. initramfs), copy those files into /tmp , umount the UBI volume, detach the UBI device and then write the files to the corresponding MTD partitions (mtd write $file /dev/mtdX).

it's ok i thinks

i will update to the snaphots ubi .itb i never see the page thanks again

he has work i'm on 5.10.27 now :wink: :smiley:

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hi sumo just i do'nt remember the first time if i want flashed to ubi image directly of linksys firmware factory then the last snapshot

i recevied a new router for a friend

i use which firmware in first ? thanks

ok it's good now i choose recovery installer

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