How to setup a USB modem with RPI3 (Of course, with OpenWrt)

Hi I have a RPi3B+, a Huawei E392[u-12] . I installed OWRT, and plugged in the modem with the SIM in. It shows up this:

How should I setup this modem, because I have no idea, I'm a complete beginner.
I tried every single protocol.



it got wireless, right ?

share internet from your phone, or existing wifi.

connect to it, and install the required modules.

Network -> Wireless -> Scan -> Join


I think my rpi router is broken. How do I see it back on the phone's network?

If it joined your phones hotspot, the IP will be in the phone.

You can try to use the same hotspot with your client, and hope the phone doesn't have client separation.

In worst case hook up the RPI to a screen, and use a keyboard to control it.


Alright, I configgged it somehow through ehternet, and tried

opkg update
But it still gives errors (I am a linux user) that there's no internet and it coudnt download, blah blah.
How do I fix this?
Ill send a screenshot in the next post, as I am using this through my macbook and not my big PC.

well, you need to share the internet with it, to DL packages, or transfer the packages manually to the SD card or using winscp.

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How do I share internet with rpi3?

or change the ethernet port to DHCP client, instead of static IP.

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I already have it "joined", but it seems that I have no internet acess.

what did you join, your phone, or some other wifi ?

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by the way, are these packages open source? Because if I could build then and then upload I would really appreciate that.

Yes the whole thing is open source


Another UGh. Nothing worked. It just showed up and staid the same. Then I "tried" to make it "right" and everything I got was a broken configuration. I installed a newer version of OpenWRT on my pie and I'm going to try to download the packages again, since the ones that were there are not supported as they need a newer kernel, and I used OpenWRTv19.07.04 and now I upgraded to 19.07.07 (Yeah the sevens look kinda funny).

Soo, I don't see ANYTHING there where should I go to see that the router sees and can communicate with my modem?

I don't have the sim inserted, by the way

There I inserted the sim, messed up the configuration [again] and probably gonna find another way to mess up the configuration.

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Okay, I reinstalled openwrt again, and I need help. I installed ModemManager, and I don't see it in the LuCI menu. Please, help!

pretty sure you don't need modemmanager.

anyway, follow the guides in