USB 4G LTE setup

Hi, on my Arcadyan router, with help of a good fellows, I manage to setup 3 ports LAN and 1 WAN. And is stable, and work well. My project is to attach a usb 4G modem. One problem is that in GUI doesn’t have USB modem. And for cmd I’m too noobian :slight_smile:
On my knees I beg you to help me! :slight_smile:
I understand (from what I read here)that this problem is a taboo but maybe someone find the Holly Graal.. Thank you!

To use Hilink modem you should just install two packages: usb-modeswitch and kmod-usb-net-cdc-ether. After that plug modem, and see result.

You might want to try ModemManager and luci-proto-modemmanager, both of which are in the master branch. ModemManager is in 19.07 but the luci-proto (GUI component) is not. Both are unofficially supported in 18 (you need to compile it), so to get it you need to add the unofficial feeds.

Looks complicated. Don't have time and abilities. Thank you.

I've answered, just install two packages, and hilink modem should work!

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