Home hub 5a VPN gateway

Just follow previous instructions. It will become obvious.

(see section 4.3 of the OpenWrt Installation guide for HH5a, albeit the screen shots are for LEDE 17)

Here is a non-English youtube video describing upgrade process using LuCI

trust me I'm English I come from the UK haha,
I just struggle with writing because of hidden disabilities.
anyway I have flashed the HH5.
Is this what it's meant to boot up like when it is done?
See screenshot below:

Yes. Looks like a portion of the Status > Overview page

I was just hoping i got the right software flashed,
I used the links and the info u have provided.
I was wondering if I did it correctly that is all.
If I have then it is time to try the network wan connections

just follow the openvpn guide. Don't skip any steps.

If you are able to complete step 2.1 to get internet access and download the openvpn package, then original WAN problem has been resolved.

Wouldn't it be best following the installing openwrt guide section 9.3 as it includes fixes for mac address to?

Either method will work.

The HH5a Bug fixes are mentioned in section 3 of the Openvpn client guide for HH5a.

I am trying to set up my DHCP Client with a static address but every time i do it my net drops can u assist again?

Are you referring to a wired or wireless device that connects to HH5a which requires a reserved DHCP IP address (ie. static lease) from the HH5a?

quick search:

If yes, are you sure you're not trying to assign an IP address that is already in use.....!

I mean when I have my router connected to the HH5 and Iā€™m setting the wan port up instead of using DHCP Client I wanna use a static ip for the wan port

See the example in section 2.1 of the openvpn guide for HH5a

If your VM hub 3 LAN IP is on default

for Protocol 'Static address'
ip address (or any other address definitely NOT in use)
net mask
Custom dns servers (or &

When you add the DNS settings, remember to press the + button, otherwise, the last entry will be lost when you press Save & Apply button.

Here are some screenshots:

Was it previously working in DHCP client mode?

Have you tried pinging from computer connected to HH5a LAN?

If DNS is not working, change the custom DNS server to use

Are you sure is not already in use by another device?

yes it worked previously in DHCP Client mode.
Are the settings ok in them screen shots?
ye the DHCP server tab pops up in static ip mode...

Disregard the DHCP server tab. I never realised it existed myself. 'Ignore interface' must be ticked in the DHCP server tab.

Use the settings I provided in earlier post.

If that still does not work, go back to DHCP client mode to get it working, and report back with the IP address in Intefacess menu for 'WAN'

it is now not connecting to the internet in DHCP Client.
I don't know whats going on.
Here's my interface screen.
let me know if you need log to

Is your VM hub on ?

Try pinging the VM hub 3 on ?

oh wait it started workin strange :thinking:

I just noticed there was a typo error in your image.

you accidentally added an apostrophe in front of
(I thought it was a bit of dust on my screen...)