Reserve IP address for my desktop PC


I need to reserve an IP address for my desktop PC, but I'm totally new in the OpenWrt world.

Anyone can tell me how can I reserve an IP address in OpenWrt?

Edit: I have OpenWrt firmware installed on my Linksys Ea9500.

Thank you all :slight_smile:

From LuCI (web interface): Network > DHCP & DNS > Static leases. Click add - you’ll need the MAC address of your PC and the desired ip address.

Once you have finished, renew the dhcp lease from your computer and it should pick up the reserved address.


FYI, you don't know to type the MAC address or something, most probably you will find the laptop already in the list, so you just select it and type the IP address you desire. Note that you need to hit enter for the IP to be saved.

I follow the same steps as you said. But when I try to disconnect the wifi then reconnect it, the reserve IP is not working.

Can you show us what you entered?

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It worked perfectly.

Thank you :smiley: :smiley:

Following the steps

Disconnect wifi and reconnect it then check IP address. It is not changed.

You have set the IP address to, but your computer has an address in the The IP address you've set is not the same subnet as your current connection, so it is not valid.

Was that a typo (maybe you meant


Yes, you are right. It works perfectly.

Was that a typo (maybe you meant, in reality I do not understand how networking works :joy:. I'm finding now on the internet how to change the subnet to work with

Any particular reason for that?
The whole subnet will have to change (by editing your router LAN interface and change its IP to be on that subnet - - for example, or you would have to the subnet mask to be (that would mean you network ID would be, giving you IP range from to

Though, while all that is possible, do you have a reason to want to do any of it?

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:laughing: There is no technical reason behind. The reason is that it makes me easy to remember.

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