Help with my first installation of OpenWrt mi 4a

this is my first installation i find many alert kind of scared so can anyone help how to do that.
i am on silverblue will it work here

there are two 4As, since you mention warnings, I guess you've got the 2nd one ?

It'll work on fedora silverblue, which mi 4a?

gigabit one as guides are old so i dont know if they will work or not.

They're current, but you need to find out if the warnings apply to your device.

how do i know that here is the device i am buyung kindly let me know else i will cancel

I don't own the device, by the info provided here at the forum, they can't be told apart only by looking at the box.

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should i buy this or go with tp link c6
i still have option to cancel if i cant install openwrt i will not buy that device.

There's now also two versions of the 4A Gigabit. I would not recommend any Xiaomi for beginners as installation is complicated, and if ever necessary, recovery from a bricked state is even more complicated.

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complicated is okey but i should be able to do that. this is necessary

Please kindly look into it.
If i can flash that delivery will happen on 16th so i have time please give me reply.

why ?
you already got your answer, if it's v2, it can't be flashed.
how would we know which version you're getting ?

Will it solve the flashing issues

it should, files are in

that's not related to openwrt, it's an external utility, but is (probably) needed to install openwrt.

All are needed else firmware can't be installed.

openwrt commit says it works using, it links to

you've got some reading to do.

if this error still true EN25QX128A

now i will ask them if they could give me nfo about the device V2 of the Router with Firmware 2.30.20
if yes i will cancel or i will take it.thanks.

How do i know my device is v1 or v2...? @frollic

once you got it ?
it's described on the device wiki page.

before you buy it?
there's probably no way to tell, except perhaps on the EAN code on the box.