Help install openwrt mf286d

Hello, i need some help to install OpenWRT, i'm always stuck at the putty page not showing anything.

I've putted the stock ip downloaded uart drivers choosed the com port but putty give me no screen

Which device?

The d version

I assume:

  • You setup a TFTP server on your Windows machine configured as; and
  • Connected an Ethernet cable from the MF286D to the computer
  • connected a TTL 3 Volt serial connector to the X8 pins inside your router
    • Tx <> Rx
    • Rx <> Tx
    • GND/Earth <> GND/Earth
  • Verified PuTTY is on the correct com port and using: 115200,8n1


If so, you may wish to screenshot the issue.

I found this old topic

Maybe i should do it correctly this time using this?

That's your thread you created in February, I'm confused.

Are you following the installation instructions on the Wiki linked above?

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Yes but the router ip is so ive set this
And this router doesnt need the 3v

I don't understand this statement.

Are you 100% sure. The Wiki and the picture included seem to suggest otherwise.

I was reading the wiki but i get no screen

If you're not using a 3 Volt serial adapter, then what are you using?

The picture have a red mark saying you don't need this

And i don't how to say my modem on my hands have ip, so instead i used his ip, anyway i also tried with 1.3 but doesn't have sense, how i will connect to it if he have another ip

Are you refering to this picture?

It says you don't need to connect Positive (Vcc).


You still need to connect the remaining three wires.

:warning: You can cause damage to your device if you do not use a 5 Volt-RS232-to-3 Volt-TTL serial adapter.


To be clear, during OpenWrt install the Wiki says your router IP will be set as (see Wiki example).

Again, are you following the WIki installation instructions linked above?

So why are you repling to everything i just said just to say it again?

  • I asked if you conned the other 3 wires
  • I noted connecting the Ethernet cable and setting
  • I said if so - provide a screenshot
  • You said:

You also quoted the wrong IP address. So I assume you haven't followed the Wiki and there are no wires connected. If that's not accurate, please provide more details, screenshots, output form PuTTY, pictures of the device, screenshots of the TFTP server, etc. to clarify.

Inside the generic flashing over serial port wiki?

I think those are old suggestions also here is mentioned to rename the file firm.bin but i have an .itb

And yes, i have the other 3 cables.

I assume you're verifying what Wiki I'm asking you to follow. If so, no I'm not referring to the generic flashing Wiki.

I'm referring the the specific install instructions for the MF268D found at

Are you using those?

What TFTP server are you running on the computer?

Can you screenshot it so we can verify it?

I suggest SolarWinds TFTP server or Tftpd64

Can you screenshot your PuTTY config so we can verify it?

I was thinking the tftp is optional i mean i was trying to see the boot but first the router needs to see file before to enter uboot let me try again

I understand you're frustrated and you want to run OpenWrt; but you must follow the installation steps to install OpenWrt. Nothing in the instructions state TFTP is optional.

You provide the file to the MF286D via TFTP protocol. Since you admitted you're not yet running TFTP, I don't understand your statement about "seeing the boot but first the router needs to see the file."

If I extrapolate from your statement - I would suggest you setup the TFTP server for that to occur.

Nothign im using tftp2 but maybe this TIM router needs to be debranded first as you read on the older post

I thought you weren't running TFTP?

I don't understand Italian well, sorry.