Error updating OPK Packages after update from 19.07.1 to 19.07.2

Hi there,
can someone explain me why i see this errors when updating over luci? For an example here a screenshot:

Got this errors for this packages:

Should i ignore this, or why are there Errors when it is a official release?
i am just able to update over luci as noob :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance for an answer!
Best Greetings!

I saw these orange warnings on new images of OpenWRT 19.07.1 and 19.07.2 until Friday.
I downloaded a new image of 19.07.2 yesterday, flashed it and now, I see no incompatibility problem.

Check this thread too Something Changed luci-compat and jow's reply in particular. The starting point of the OP is different from yours, but this may help.

I question myself the need for packages upgrade in between minor OpenWRT upgrades. If your install is working fine, I would just leave these upgrades where they are. I would like to know what people's take on this is.


Actually i downloaded the Image i flashed a hour before, but as long as every works im satiesfied, justed wanted to update the opk one time ...
Ok i just oberwrited the File and now everything seems to be finde! THX

Problem sorted :wink:
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Packages should not be upgraded in general. There are many threads about causing a soft brick of the router when attempting to do so.

If there's a new firmware you should flash it. If you want to update a program (and know it's been updated in the repository), then uninstall it and its dependencies, then reinstall.

What I thought.

I did click these upgrade buttons once and got weird things after. I read some posts here after too.
I have a WRT32X that has 2 boot partitions, so if I screw one install, I can easily boot in the other. I can take some risks experimenting as a result.

If a user can brick a router, wouldn't it be better to have a warning on that page in Luci or just remove these buttons? Is there a strong need for program update in between minor OpenWRT releases? From what you say, the program update button should not be available as default.

I can see this going wrong with new users.

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