DLink DIR-853 A3

Sure I will send it to you via PM (since this thread is for the A3)

Hi Kar

thanks for your efforts

Can you send me the latest openwrt release for Dlink DIR-853 A3 as above link has expired!
I have my router flashed with OpenWrt 21.02.0-rc3 r16172-2aba3e9784 / LuCI openwrt-21.02 branch git-21.163.64918-ba57ec5
Can you confirm i can update from router UI?

Thanks in advance

Hi Amin,

You should be able to upgrade directly from the router stock interface. Please do not tick (force upgrade) just to make sure you are flashing the correct firmware.

The correct firmware is the sysupgrade file.

Please send me this file again


i just managed to flash PADAVAN_ in my router and while trying to upgrade to openwrt factory/sysupgrade am getting the same error. any other prerequisites to go ahead with upgrade or any workaround to get it installed?

thans in advance.

@kar200 What would you recommend PADAVAN or OpenWrt? Basically, I am using it only as a repeater.


Any way get LUCI insatalled. am getting below error while trying to install

thanks in advance

update to the current snapshot
to match the current program library

oh only some are not working maybe this version is still compiling

Thanks for the reply.

Yes facing issue with one link only and recently i have done this successfully on another router.

Anyhow, much appreciated if you can provide the link to download latest snapshot and procedure to update to the same.


V22.03.0-rc3 is being compiled now when done
V22.03 Snapshots
Master Snapshots

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Thank you very much,

am able to get web interface v22.03 snapshot.

Hi, from now I would definately recommend openwrt. The only advantage with padavan would be wireless performance and I mean by this Padavan would be better (maybe) but openwrt will still be very good!

@Lucky1 Thanks for the reply

@razakchunur good that it is working for you. I would suggest using the RC's then final images (first link that @Lucky1 shared).

Hi Karim,

How are you doing?

As you know since my last fiasco with the openwrt firmware I sticked with PADAVAN. Still, but after seeing the new changes in openwrt and being encouraged to give it a try, I noticed that you explained the transition process from stock firmware only but what about those who are using PADAVAN can they upgrade directly from PADAVAN GUI like stock?

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By any chance, do you why I can't install node-homebridge on this router? I get that the package doesn't exist (even when refreshing the package index). It seems to install on other routers, but not this one.


Dear, I am suffering with same issue, I would like to know how to solve this issue?

I have power, WAN and by some reason USB LEDs on. It reacts to LAN connection by switching on respective led, but nothing else is happening, no changes by holding reset button and power on. Recovery page not accessable. If it is possible via TTL flashing, kindly guide me.

hello how you doing bro i just flash your firmware . but the problem is when i change the name of 5gh wifi network. and apply that and it disappears and I'm going back to stock . with winscp its said not enough space. when i try to copy the bin file . and even i cant goto root. just can goto admin account from winscp. please guide me how to Roback to stock firmware please. thanks ?

same question.

Hi @hsaber ,

There is a document here in the thread about how to change from padavan to openwrt. Basically do not use the web interface for any change of firmware unless its from openwrt-openwrt or the initial stock - openwrt.

Did you manage to fix this? This is not an issue with the firmware itself since the packages are compiled on each architechture for all routers (in this case ramips).

You will need to solder pins and use a TTL. That does not mean you will be able to recover the router (depending on the issue with the router but TTL will definately give you more info).

When you say "your firmware" can you be more specific please? Which version did you install.

If you are on openwrt please refrain from flashing though scp. If you still want to do it you always copy files to the /tmp folder as its stored in ram and has anough space for a firmware file (and gets deleted after reboot)

Nope, I am sitll facing this issue. I made another forum post about it, but still haven't gotten a solid fix yet.

I think it has to do with the fact that I'm running a release candidate of OpenWrt in this router instead of OpenWrt-21.02.0, the version listed in the package website.

Hi @marwan,

I found this

If you read below in the description you will find

MIPS without hardware FPU no longer be supported

I wonder if that's the reason it's not availble in the package list.

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