DLink DIR-853 A3

flashed the encrypted file by kar200 and flashed the sysupgrade
why is the wifi only showing up to 9dBm(7mW)? is it a driver issue?
i have tried changing country codes to anything but still the same transmit power

@kar200 please answer my inquiries brother

anyone can provide the latest encrypted openwrt? all links in this thread seem expired. \

or please provide instructions how i can upgrade stock dir-853 A3 firmware to Openwrt (perhaps via ssh?)


It seems like that's the reason, yes. Either way, I'm not sure if this router is capable is running a Node application.

@kar200 on a side note, I accidentally bricked my spare (same model) when trying to set it up as an access point. It is a soft-brick, as I seem to be able to boot into recovery mode and see the flashing blue power light. I set my client IP as, subnet mask as, and router gateway IP as However, I can't seem to access the recovery UI or SSH.

Also, I noticed that your prior instructions differed from the OpenWrt wiki entry. Is there a special exception for this router?

Sorry guys a bit late with the replies

I have the same but I don't have the means (nor the knowledge) to check if it's really the power used by the router. It was talked about at some stage on github and there was a workaround to make it use the full rated power but I am not sure it made a difference).

Have you managed to find it? There is one on this thread you can then use the normal sysupgrade from the officail openwrt

Use the normal recovery methods and DO NOT use the mtd tool. If it's soft bricked you can hold the reset button AFTER the router has booted which should reset it to factory.

Otherwise there is a way to use SSH if you can login and I think the command is "first_boot"

You can read about it here. If you press the reset button while it's booting it should boot into failsafe. You need a static IP and connect to the first LAN port (try the others if it does not work).