DLink DIR-853 A3

I have a DLINK DIR-853 A3 device with me, it looks like its not officially supported, though I find some people on the forum finding some way to run openWRT on this hardware.

Can someone kindly explain me the steps I should follow.

Depends on what you are after really. Is it just using pre built openwrt image on your device or building your own image?

If you want to build from source you can find them here.

Please note that the emergency room does not work using the reset button method. I cannot make it work. The only thing I could guess is that the reset gpio for this device is gpio8 and for most others new dlink routers it's gpio15 (which unfortunately is a led output on the DIR-853-A3).

I have managed to build an openwrt image that can be flashed from the stock web interface. Dlink have provided a binary called (imgcrypt) on the first version of the GPL source. I can send you the file if you want but please be aware that you might end up with a bricked device and you will have to access the console (open the router and solder some pins + USB TTL device) to be able to revive the device.


I guess I'll give it a try, followed the guide in the git page, ran 'make menuconfig', I am pretty confused on what settings I should select for the build ! any help is appreciated.

where can I find which target or sub target system I should select.

or is it easier to flash with the image you have created !

How am I going to add the support for 853 A3 into OpenWrt ? !

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See if this helps: https://openwrt.org/faq/how_do_i_send_prs_pull_requests