DDNS Problems Dynu

does somebody know how to make right config for Dynu?

which actualise itself by checking its own ip via checkip.dyndns.com or something else?

is it possible just to let OpenWRT just the update URL like every 60 min ?


cron it ??

But I can imagine most DDNS providers would consider it being hammering, if there's no IP change.

What does it mit cron it? I am new to using openwrt

Have a read up on this.
It should explain what "cron it" is and how to "cron it"

this is just for services ... which service do i need to put it in cron it? and how should the command look like? i am new guys ... :frowning:

I've downloaded ddns-script and luci thing in the OpenWRT Interface but it wont update the IP idk why ...

It's for whatever you'd like to schedule.

How were you going to handle the URL manually ?

Cron isn't an Openwrt specific feature.

It works fine when configured through the GUI (Luci) in a standard way. Just select dynu.com in "DDNS Service provider" dropdown. You will need to fill in Domain (your FQDN), Username and Password (see below) and take care of SSL.

If you want to test it manually:

wget -4 -q "https://api.dynu.com/nic/update?hostname=MyName.dynu.net&password=xxxxxxxxxxx"

The token used in 'password=' is an MD5/SHA256 hash of "IP Update Password" that is set in Control Panel / Manage Credentials (https://www.dynu.com/en-US/ControlPanel/ManageCredentials)
Hash generation: https://www.dynu.com/NetworkTools/Hash

See also:

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