D-link DIR-2660 A1 no Switch/VLAN config page?

Install 21.02.0 rc4 factory and followed by sysupgrade by using Dlink Recovery.
There are a few issues:

  1. Applying changes are most of the time not successful
  2. No Switch config menu (Network—>Switch) for setting VLAN. Swconfig and nvram commands are not there for command line setup.
  3. Still can’t access internet from the router itself to update software list. Lan ports and wifi connection can access internet as usual. My D-link is working as a AP connecting to my pfSense.

I’m familiar with Openwrt and the similar set up works fine on other router running 19.07.

Anyone has the similar issues on the same model I have?

menu has moved: go to network / interfaces -> devices tab: then select a bridge and then go to the vlan config tab.

also note that 21.02 has DSA, which for local partitioning on the router does not require vlan anymore: Mini tutorial for DSA network config

2660 was first supported with 21.02.
Did you by chance import existing config from another 19.07 router? try a config reset. Taking over non-dsa config to a dsa device or cross device import could result in network connectivity issues.

unclear: so you did put 21.02rc4 factory image on it using DLink recovery GUI and then used OpenWRT flash firmware function with a sysupgrade image to go to what version? (21.02rc4 is the newest)

Thanks. I redo everything from scratch, i.e, flash factory 21.02 rc4 from D-link Recovery. Go to Bridge VLAN filter under br-lan, and have the following setup to have vlan 11 and using port 1 as trunk port connected to my pfSense.
Once I apply the above vlan setup,

  1. all my other end-devices connected to other lan ports (port 2, 3, and 4) can obtain IP from my pfSense and can access internet as usual, but I can't access my d-link Openwrt page anymore
  2. and main wifi also can't obtain IP from my pfSense

My VLAN setup on 19.xx Openwrt that works looks like this:

My end results that I aim to migrate from Openwrt 19.xx:
Port 1 connected to my pfSense, carrying vlan 11 tag. Any devices connected to port 2, 3, 4, and main wifi gets the same subnet from pfSense. Another virtual wifi is associated with vlan11 and gets another subnet from pfSense.

Could you guide me more?

I am not a useful advisor, for how to have proper fun with VLAN and DSA interoperability on 21.02, have not tried that yet.

I would just assume that some DSA-related config needs to be adapted. Maybe spend some time with the linked DSA tutorial part before the VLAN text section.

Thank you for the post here: https://forum.openwrt.org/t/help-setting-up-lan-and-two-vlans-over-same-adapter-mvebu-dsa/99222/14?u=europacafe

It's now working!.

In summary, I have to manually edit the /etc/config/network and reboot my AP, then assign the newly created vlan11 to my virtual SSID.

The original /etc/config/network, before adding vlan1 and 11:

The edited /etc/config/network, after adding vlan1 untagged (for main lan/wifi) and vlan11 tagged (for my BBC wireguard VPN client setup on my pfSense), port 1 as trunk:

After rebooting, these are all the GUI changes:

This is the VLAN setup page which I can setup using Luci GUI, but save/apply won't work. But it shows up the same after I manually edited /etc/config/network file and reboot

Newly/automatically created vlan devices

The new interface I created using Luci GUI. It's an interface for a new virtual wifi which now links to the VLAN11 device. Before reboot, the main lan use br-lan device, but after using the new network config, it has to be linked to br-lan.1; otherwise, I can't access the AP. This is the main reason why I can't access the AP if I add the vlan1 and 11 using Luci GUI.. However, once you passed this first vlan hurdle and want to add more tagged vlan, e.g. vlan 82, you can do it with Luci GUI.

This is the virtual wifi/ssid I manually add with Luci GUI

Hope this helps others who struggle with the VLAN setup for a similar scenario.

ps. This is the network diagram I have achieved with the above setup on D-link DIR-2660/ OpenWrt 21.02.0-rc4

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