Cudy WR1300 v3 MT7613BE


Cudy WR1300 v3 is completely the same as v2 - has the same SoC, same Flash, same Switch, same WiFi hardware, but it has different data in the eeprom for MT7613BE. When loading this eeprom data, the mt7615 driver limits the tx power to 3dBm - it doesn't even look like it tries to set the txpower at all.

I have made a patch to the driver itself and forced it to load eeprom hardcoded data from another (WR1300v2) device. When that patch is applied, the MT7613BE works as it does on v2 - with proper txpower.

However, hardcoding eeprom data is not a proper way to fix this. I think the proper way would be to either:

  • patch the eeprom mtd partiton - by copying all data from a v2 device except mac address to the v3
  • create a v3 dts so it provides the v2 eeprom to all v3 devices (using mediatek,eeprom-data) - still reading the mac address from the actual mtd devices
  • patch the driver to use the new eeprom data (but I'm not sure that v3 eeprom data is even correct).

What would be a correct way to address this?

Hello again,

I would really like to see what the best way forward for this workaround is, and if there even is a way do do this.

There is at least one other person that has exactly the same problem mentioned here and I would like to make that device usable out-of-the-box.

Thank you in advance.

Here is a patch to the mt7615 driver so others can use it. I know this is not a proper way to fix this issue, this is just a workarond that works for me with no issues even with >30 days uptime.


This patch can be cleanly applied on top of 23.05.0-rc3 and it should work fine even with the main branch.