Build for TP-Link TL-WR940N V4 [all versions]

Hello LEDE community,

I downloaded the snapshot built for TP-Link TL-WR940N V4, this version is not yet supported by openwrt, but the web page for upgrade the router send me the message "Error code: 18005, Upgrade unsuccessfully because the version of the upgraded file was incorrect. Please check the file name", so I changed the file name, equal to tp link firmware for this router model without success, I thought problem with uboot or some similar, any ideas?

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Try flashing via tftp
I'm assuming you got your firmware from this link (

Thanks a lot Komawoyo,

Im will try to gain tftp access, but why cant flash de firmware from the vendor web interface?

And yes, my firmware got from that link.


Not sure, will need to ask the developers about that

In most cases "Error code: 18005" means that the latest/ current vendor firmwares now (suddenly, older firmware versions didn't) insist on region coded firmware images and reject any old(er) firmware without a region code (or a firmware with the wrong region code). To the best of my knowledge, there are currently (at least) two different approaches used by TP-Link to encode the required region code into the firmware image, it needs to be investigated which of these is needed for your device (some newer devices even go through great lengths to sign the firmware itself, making it impossible to flash a non-vendor-firmware from the webinterface).

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Thanks a lot for your help.

The boot process in TP LINK WR940 v4 is very fast, maybe one or two seconds to fire the tftp petition to the address, so, I can load LEDE image on the router.

The image that I loaded was build with ImageBuider, but when I find de file wireless in /etc/config/, nothing.

Is a problem with LEDE Image Builder?, the images dont have wireles.

Any help?

Thanks again.

I answer my question,

On actual stable version of LEDE the /etc/config/wireless file exists, so the problem not exist now.


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Doroteo can u tell me how to install the LEDE version, with TFTP, ty

Hello Gonzab,

You must install in Windows a tftp server, tplink routers has a tftp client that send a petition to internall ip when push the reset buton at turn on the router.

In the file directory of the tftp server you must put the led fabric flash file for the tp link 940.

Hi guys, just to be clear this file works for the 940n v4? I am considering buying the router but it is not listed as supported by LEDE?

hi doroteo, i want to install the stock firmware again but i cant, installed tftp server, mi lan ip and pressed reset at turn on but nothing, can u share any link step by step or something? ty

Hi gonzab,

To return stock firmware is the same as from openwrt, here are a video

The router is supported by lede,

hmm, when was writing the firmware says, block something failed, now i cant even access to lede, router restartiing all the time. :confused:

Hi gonzab,

How do you update lede, ftp, serial, by the original web firmware?

Hey guys, ive searched and looked, but cant figure this out. i have the TL-wr940n v4, run the ftp site with the address using TFTP2(i found somewhere in a wiki that suggested using it) powered the router off, hit start then on, but it wont connect to the router. what am i doing wrong? can someone point me in the direction i need to go? Thanks!

You can check with wireshark what actually happens on the wire and if the router tries to request a firmware over tftp. In case of problems it can also help to put a simple unmanaged switch between router LAN ports and your tftpd in order to reduce (remove) the time needed for link training.

The tp link routers need a switch to quickly connect to tftp server runnig your computer, otherwise it will never work.


thanks guys, i'll try it with a switch in between.