Banana Pi R3 vs RPi4 for router

Looking at the specs, the R3 might be a good alternative to RPi4 for a router/SQM. Wondering if people out there are using one in this role on Gigabit connection. How does the R3 perform with SQM? Any stability or support issues? I realize it is fairly recently supported.

Really appealing to me are the multiple LAN ports. RPi4 needs a USB dongle. I think the CPU is a wash as recent RPi4 runs A72 @ 1.80 GHz (easily overclocked to 2.0 GHz with good cooling). 802.11ax is a nice to have.

It's indeed a very tempting device, if it wouldn't be sold as a naked board without case/ psu, pigtails and antennas - actually getting it working easily doubles the price (not that the RPi would be much better in this regard, especially right now)…

Sinovoip, the company behind it, does offer it in bundles. The pricing isn't actually that bad. Doesn't double the price by any means.

If a vendor buys those in bulk quantities, it doesn't need to be expensive - if we need to buy for a single device, it would (and you'd probably end up with bad antennas or pigtails on the first attempt (especially the 5 GHz antennas)).