Banana Pi R3 vs RPi4 for router

I have the same problem transfering image to EMMC. I tried official Openwrt or the one I built myself. Non worked. But no problem with SD card or Nand.

Care to share how to copy SD image to every other storage?

I used Boot menu to copy SD image to NAND, EMMC through UART.
Use the entries with Red font.

I used 7,8, 5 in this order. But when I reboot it, it just shows "mt7896" and does not go further. Not sure what I missed.

You can try to use "Install bootloader, recover, production to xxx" procedure as show in the picture I posted.

Prepare SD image
#wipe SD card include magic string, change # to actual letter
sudo wipefs -a /dev/sd#

#copy image to SD card.
sudo bpi-copy openwrt-mediatek-filogic-bananapi_bpi-r3-sdcard.img /dev/sd#

  1. switch to SD and power on, do "install,recovery, production to NAND".
  2. switch to NAND and power on, do "install,recovery, production to eMMC".
  3. switch to eMMC and boot normally.
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Thanks much!

I did all the steps but did not stop. After switching to eMMC, I continued to do 7, 8, and 5. That's why it failed. everything is good now.


I just placed an order for banana pi r3 with case. Didn’t like their antennas and psu and will need to get them myself.

How long is the original antenna cable (u.fl to ro-sma)?
Device is 15cm from one side to another so would 15cm antenna fit nicely? Or would i better pick 20cm and do some cable management?

Does SQM still not work? BPI-R3 seems like nearly the perfect device. The one thing I haven't been able to confirm is what speed it can sustain with (working) SQM.

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the SinoVoip kits come with 8 x 20cm 1.1mm cables

15cm would be a little tight for the opposite side. I don't have any 15cm cables, but you'd have almost nothing to spare and no way to route around some chips.

I am using RG178 cables, 5cm for the antennae on one side, and 20cm for the other. This is letting me keep the cables fairly well clear of the SoC.

EDIT: It just dawned on me that the post I just responded two was three months ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Didn't try SQM anymore with latest commit, as I've encountered greater issue with it.

Please read my post

and this one


Looks like you're having some better success with some recent commits, is that right? If so, I'm also curious if you end up trying SQM at some point. Thanks!

Thank you for asking, but sorry I didn't try SQM anymore as my 600Mb symmetric connection is fast enough that I rarely can utilize 100% bandwidth which will impact other home devices.

Understood--I've got a 1Gb symmetric connection, but run SQM on it anyway because I have hardware to support that. But, I'm interested in eventually getting a more energy efficient unit for my main router, hence my interest in the SQM question with the BPI-R3.

I'm sure somebody will drop some SQM results for some faster connections some time. Hopefully your unit is back into stable shape now! Take care :slight_smile:

Thank you and hopefully. Still observing the intermittent disconnection issue, that's why I don't want to add extra plugin or configuration to it right now. Will test SQM once it is stabilized.

Hi !
those who have a BPI R3, do you think the small heatsinks are necessary on the chips ? i saw some reseller have an option for a big heatsink, or a big heatsink + a fan :


is it really useful? I'm afraid this fan is really noisy

I'd be more concerned about the heat from the WLAN cards...

they are actualy below the heatsink in the picture

I wonder if the small heatsinks offered in other options are really effective, they look really small to me.


Two thoughts on passive cooling.

Create a chimney effect by vertically mounting the board. Hotter air rises out vents in the top and pulls cooler air in through bottom vents.

An alternative is to thermally couple to the case to increase the surface area.

Heatsink + fan is recommended , the bpi r3 enclosure has not vent, with the passive cooling temperature will raise over 75C , I have 60 x 60 x10 mm heatsink with a small fan on the top, this are the last 6 day stats

i guess the fan is noisy isn't it ?

I can't comment about the bpi r3 heatsink + fan they are selling now, I use 2 pin low noise fan, almost imperceptible. 3 pin fan are controlled by the temp and not always are running so they are more quiet.

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