Archer C20 v4 Usb Mod

Dear developers

Archer c20 v4 have MT7628AN and 99% sure we have D- and D+ pins at the points marked in atached image like wr841n v13.

At software level can we get it working by only compiling with USB-EHCI Module and gpio_export and &ehci {status = "okay";}; to dts ?
( like WR841N V13 USB Mod )

Thanks you

Working successfully.

3.3v to 5v from 1usd powerbank
Ground and VCC need to be connected to board.
Only external GND + VCC dont work

Modded /openwrt/target/linux/ramips/dts/ArcherC20v4.dts

&ehci {
        status = "okay";

&ohci {
        status = "okay";

and compiled with kmod-usb etc

OW mod image 19.07.7 - Usb enabled - Usb packages

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