WR841N V13 USB Mod


i have succesfully modded a new TL-WR841N and added a USB Port (active HUB).

Can anyone add this information to the Hardware-Pages (LEDE/Openwrt wiki?).
I added some Pictures.

I do the following steps:

  • got LEDE from GIT and build them
  • modify DTS (adding gpio_export below gpio-keys)
    gpio_export {
            compatible = "gpio-export";
            #size-cells = <0>;

            usb {
                    gpio-export,name = "usb";
                    gpio-export,output = <1>;
                    gpios = <&gpio0 11 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
  • modify build via menuconfig (added USB-EHCI Module)

THX TP LINK for this nice hardware upgrade

more images at: http://intern.gdv-it.de/wr841v13-usb/


  • additional added to the end of dts file:

&ehci {
status = "okay";

&ohci {
status = "okay";

small correcture,, leave DTS file unchanged and only add:

&ehci {
status = "okay";

at the end of the file.


But remember about 3.3V at USB if you do like this guy. Better don't connect AVDD33_USB PIN, this output gives only 3.3 volts. Use dedicated USB power scheme or use powered USB HUB.

Here is my little USB MOD. I changed DC Power Adapter to 12v 2A, and i use step-down converter to power-up USB port, so i can connect LTE modems, flash drives or all together without need of self powered USB HUB.

I tell you what is DTS I could not do it please help me

Help dts file