Arcadyan aw1000 telstra 5g firmware

Good day im newbei here is anyone can do tutorial how to change firmware for tekstra 5g modem arcadyan aw1000 i saw some firmware using qwrt and can do band locking and use any kind of sim like global use. And also please what do i need to buy to do these firmware change. Please respect my topic

it's not supported here, yet.

WIP in Arcadyan AW1000 (Telstra 5G Smart Modem) support- IPQ807x, please don't ask about progress/status, it's done when it's done, if ever.

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ipq807x: add Arcadyan AW1000 support · openwrt/openwrt@fbcda36 · GitHub

yeah, ~2 weeks later ...

Hello does anyone have a tutorial on what do I need to buy to install this OpenWrt firmware thank you for all your help guys

> Firmware Selector

You would need

  • a PC with a tftp server (On windows you can use tftpd32 or 64)
  • Putty or other software (minicom, etc) to connect to the usb ttl adapter
  • a Usb to uart/ttl adapter preferably one with ftdi chip or those chinese clones such as ch340 will do.
  • an ethernet cable
  • openwrt initframfs: uImage.itb file from firmware selector above
  • openwrt sysupgrade file

Serial port on board is marked with J1003 near the LEDs plastic extension, with The square hole being VCC (do not connect this!), farthest from the square is ground, then rx, then tx. (GND-RX-TX-VCC). Use some test clips to hook on the holes or if you can solder pins/wires to them. If you are willing to take apart the massive thing, at the back of the board there are test points next to the holes that serve the same purpose. (this helped me recover my bricked modem when I accidentally ripped the pads out of the holes lol)

Flash instructions:

  1. Set your PC’s Ip address to and connect it to your router on port 1 of the yellow ports
  2. Download the initramfs image, rename it to
    initramfs.bin, and host it with tftp server.
  3. Connect to your router via Serial using the usb to uart/ttl adapter
    • serial parameters: 115200 8N1
  4. on your serial software, press any key to Interrupt U-Boot while turning on the router and run these commands:
    • setenv serverip
    • setenv ipaddr
    • tftpboot initramfs.bin
    • bootm
  5. After openwrt boots up, use scp or luci web to upload sysupgrade.bin to upgrade.
    SCP-sysupgrade steps
    i. scp sysupgrade.bin root@
    ii. ssh root@
    iii. sysupgrade -n /tmp/sysupgrade.bin

Also read along openwrt’s documentation for common steps such as installation via tftp.

do note that you may have to install luci manually after the sysupgrade if its not there since the available images are still snapshot images

For those upgrading from an exisitng openwrt like the chinese QWRT,
build your snapshot image at the firmware selector
and add luci-proto-qmi luci-proto-mbim luci-proto-modemmanager at the end of the list of packages, request a build and then wait for it to finish, then use the requested sysupgrade image instead.

The 3 packages listed above are for the modem to be able to connect to the internet. You will use Add interface and select either QMI or ModemManager for a wan connection using the modem. Refer to on how to use that.


I have the custom Chinese QWRT firmware and would like to try out OpenWRT.
Since QWRT is based on OpenWRT, is it safe to do sysupgrade from QWRT?
I don't have the UART/TTL adapter nor the expertise to do the Serial thing.

Impossible to say until someone try it.

Then I wouldn't do it.

sir my aw1000 got brick..can u help me?how can i pm u?

the instructions are already said above, you just have to open your router's casing and do the steps using the UART flashing.


Do you have a way to unlock and update a device I would appreciate it sir

Yes, you can flash the 'sysupgrade' directly using the QWRT interface, you don't need to open up the case. I can confirm that it works fine.

It's better than QWRT?
If there are installation steps, it will be better so that I do not make a mistake

This firmware 202

You're not answering the question.

I was flashing the SNAPSHOT on QWRT IN AW1000
After that it was not working .

(Yes, you can flash the 'sysupgrade' directly using the QWRT interface, you don't need to open up the case. I can confirm that it works fine.)

I was do same thing here

Still not answering the question...

and if it doesn't work, then it is actually bricked :slight_smile:

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It's really not working

show us the result from ipconfig, because something was returned.