Arcadyan AW1000 (Telstra 5G Smart Modem) support- IPQ807x

Signed up for a 5G fixed wireless plan last week and received the modem today. Great hardware, rubbish default config. Runs an old version of OpenWRT. Appears to be a reference design (HK09)

Full u-boot output
Full bootlog

I haven't been able to work out how to do a firmware dump yet but would love some guidance on how to do so.

@robimarko I believe this should build against your IPQ807x backport branch (save for the Quectel RM500Q modem). Is this correct?

Despite it saying AP-HK09, its probably quite different, even if it wasn't there is no HK09 support at all.
But if you want to add it please use the ipq807x-5.15 branch as base

Thanks for replying!

I dumped all the partitions from the device and uploaded them to GitHub for future reference:

Arcadyan AW1000 Firmware Dump

I'll have a crack at building for it tonight and will post my results. I'm a newbie so it might be a mess :joy:

Can you check if secure boot is enabled first?
U-boot will tell you during boot

boot log's in the 1st post ?

Yeah, I completely missed it.
Nice, the secure fuse is not blown.

@kylemd I don't know what are you gonna build as there is no support for that board at all.
Ideally you would get the GPL dump and then it probably can be supported

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Thanks for your help. Sucks that there isn't anything out there that it would make it easy.

I've E-Mailed Telstras' dev team and Arcadyan, let's see if anything comes of that.

In the meantime I did find references to it in what I presume is the QSDK on an unnamed server. It's the only place I can find the AP-HK09 referenced:

ag -iuz --silent HK09 ./
Binary file .git\index matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\bin\norplusemmc-ipq807x_64_v1.2-apps.img matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\bin\norplusemmc-ipq807x_64_v2.0-apps.img matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\bin\norplusemmc-ipq807x_64_v1.2-single.img matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\bin\norplusemmc-ipq807x_64_v2.0-single.img matches.

49:<a href="cdt-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.bin">cdt-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.bin</a>                        11-Mar-2022 03:11                 548
50:<a href="cdt-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.bin.padded">cdt-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.bin.padded</a>                 11-Mar-2022 03:11
132:<a href="openwrt-ipq-ipq807x_64-qcom-ipq807x-hk09-fit-uImage-initramfs.itb">openwrt-ipq-ipq807x_64-qcom-ipq807x-hk09-fit-uI..&gt;</a> 11-Mar-2022 03:11            38067376
133:<a href="openwrt-ipq-ipq807x_64-qcom-ipq807x-hk09-fit-uImage.itb">openwrt-ipq-ipq807x_64-qcom-ipq807x-hk09-fit-uI..&gt;</a> 11-Mar-2022 03:11             4079760
191:<a href="qcom-ipq807x-hk09.dtb">qcom-ipq807x-hk09.dtb</a>                              11-Mar-2022 03:11               84863

130:                    <board>AP-HK09</board>

19:<a href="AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.xml">AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.xml</a>                            11-Mar-2022 03:11               10095

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\ipq_x64\openwrt-ipq-ipq807x_64-qcom-ipq807x-hk09-fit-uImage.itb matches.

Binary file .git\objects\b5\bfffc1397270eba4a2bfc8628e46b85e150cc0 matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\ipq_x64\openwrt-ipq-ipq807x_64-qcom-ipq807x-hkxx-fit-uImage.itb matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\ipq_x64\openwrt-ipq-ipq807x_64-qcom-ipq807x-hkxx-fit-uImage.itb.padded matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\ipq_x64\openwrt-ipq-ipq807x_64-qcom-ipq807x-hk09-fit-uImage-initramfs.itb matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\ipq_x64\openwrt-ipq807x-u-boot.img matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\ipq_x64\openwrt-ipq807x-u-boot.mbn matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\ipq_x64\openwrt-ipq-ipq807x_64-ubi-root-m4096-p256KiB.img matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\ipq_x64\openwrt-ipq-ipq807x_64-ubi-root-m4096-p512KiB.img matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\ipq_x64\openwrt-ipq807x-u-boot.mbn.padded matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\ipq_x64\openwrt-ipq807x-u-boot_phdr.pbn matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\ipq_x64\openwrt-ipq-ipq807x_64-ubi-root.img matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\ipq_x64\openwrt-ipq807x-u-boot.elf matches.

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\build\ipq_x64\qcom-ipq807x-hk09.dtb matches.

278:2022-03-11 03:10:22,582 227 INFO: Filename: '/home/jenkins/workspace/ubihub-ipq/common/build/ipq_x64/ipq807x/machid_xml/AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.xml'
291:Created 'cdt-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.bin'
320:0x8010008  AP-HK09  512M16_DDR4
366:    cdt_info_file location: /home/jenkins/workspace/ubihub-ipq/common/build/ipq_x64/ipq807x/machid_xml/AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.xml
2652:<stdout>: Warning (unit_address_vs_reg): Node /images/ddr-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4-43ce18dc0c2a45c785530d5bcf69215d2c788487/hash@1 has a unit name, but no reg property
2878: Image 21 (ddr-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4-43ce18dc0c2a45c785530d5bcf69215d2c788487)
2879:  Description:  cdt-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.bin.padded
3059:<stdout>: Warning (unit_address_vs_reg): Node /images/ddr-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4-c8b273c53d89bfdbc1d2c98d4d188710523efda0/hash@1 has a unit name, but no reg property
3285: Image 21 (ddr-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4-c8b273c53d89bfdbc1d2c98d4d188710523efda0)
3286:  Description:  cdt-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.bin
3465:<stdout>: Warning (unit_address_vs_reg): Node /images/ddr-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4-43ce18dc0c2a45c785530d5bcf69215d2c788487/hash@1 has a unit name, but no reg property
3681: Image 20 (ddr-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4-43ce18dc0c2a45c785530d5bcf69215d2c788487)
3682:  Description:  cdt-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.bin.padded
3861:<stdout>: Warning (unit_address_vs_reg): Node /images/ddr-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4-c8b273c53d89bfdbc1d2c98d4d188710523efda0/hash@1 has a unit name, but no reg property
4079: Image 20 (ddr-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4-c8b273c53d89bfdbc1d2c98d4d188710523efda0)
4080:  Description:  cdt-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.bin
4279:<stdout>: Warning (unit_address_vs_reg): Node /images/ddr-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4-43ce18dc0c2a45c785530d5bcf69215d2c788487/hash@1 has a unit name, but no reg property
4493: Image 20 (ddr-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4-43ce18dc0c2a45c785530d5bcf69215d2c788487)
4494:  Description:  cdt-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.bin.padded
4653:<stdout>: Warning (unit_address_vs_reg): Node /images/ddr-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4-c8b273c53d89bfdbc1d2c98d4d188710523efda0/hash@1 has a unit name, but no reg property
4867: Image 20 (ddr-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4-c8b273c53d89bfdbc1d2c98d4d188710523efda0)
4868:  Description:  cdt-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.bin
5678:2022-03-11 03:10:36,568 227 INFO: Filename: '/home/jenkins/workspace/ubihub-ipq/common/build/ipq_x64/ipq807x/machid_xml/AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.xml'
5691:Created 'cdt-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.bin'
5720:0x8010008  AP-HK09  512M16_DDR4
5766:   cdt_info_file location: /home/jenkins/workspace/ubihub-ipq/common/build/ipq_x64/ipq807x/machid_xml/AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.xml
7326:2022-03-11 03:10:41,243 227 INFO: Filename: '/home/jenkins/workspace/ubihub-ipq/common/build/ipq_x64/ipq807x/machid_xml/AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.xml'
7339:Created 'cdt-AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.bin'
7368:0x8010008  AP-HK09  512M16_DDR4
7414:   cdt_info_file location: /home/jenkins/workspace/ubihub-ipq/common/build/ipq_x64/ipq807x/machid_xml/AP-HK09_512M16_DDR4.xml

Binary file develop\ubihub-ipq-0.0.755\packages\ubifeed\ubi-lte-ota_rc_1.0.0-20220128-f6a1423-1_ipq.ipk.cms matches.

If you don’t get anywhere please let me know and I’ll try to move some things internally at the big T. No promises.

Ultimately it is my personal opinion that it is Arcadyans responsibility to provide the GPL, but we will see what comes back.


I think so too, but I figured I'd hit Telstra up because the last lot of source code for an Arcadyan device (that I can find anyway) came from Telefonica Germany (o2)

That would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Please don't rely on the HK09 reference at all, it's probably just based on it and then heavily modified.
You can find all of the QSDK parts in QCA-s Codeaurora repos, kernel for example:

Not a lawyer, but....

The GPL is really applied copyright law. You can't hide behind some sub-contractor. All obligations and rights follw the entire supply chain. It's not like you are free to distribute a movie just because you got it from someone else.

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Sure, and you may be right.
I’ve clarified my statement above to make it absolutely clear. What I said is my opinion, and not a statement on behalf of anyone/thing else.

Let’s just see where it goes :slight_smile:

Been a while!

I never did hear back from Arcadyan or Telstra.
I'll have to see if there's anything I can do to bring the device up!

Unfortunately i was not able to source anything. I’d suggest persisting with Arcadyan :slight_smile:

Hi, i have gained root access to the device, am backing up everything and way planning on doing a sysupgrade...has anyone else got any further than this? I gained root by uploading a new socat file to open 22 and then tried root:root on my first attempt which just happened to work... no need to brute force it!
Anyway, if anyone has any pearls of wisdom it would be greatly appreciated.
My goal is to have firewall control and port forwarding etc. Wifi isnt needed, anything else is a bonus.
I can use socat to port forward i guess...

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