Airties Air4920 Extender

Hi Guys,

I have an Airties 4920 mesh extender. This device automatically updated itself (from old FW) to a new build which now disabled ALL the features it had, similar to a typical router. The only options I now have is to view status, change login, and update firmware. This new firmware disabled downgrades, which I was able to do before. :frowning: See pics linked here.

I am waiting for my USB to serial TTL so I can console into it. Hopefully I can downgrade back to the previous firmware or run OpenWrt.

Thanks in advance for any input.

Had to play with the serial settings and now I'm able to access the shell but I can't get to CFE. Is there any other serial config method that I can try to get to CFE?

Your board is missing USB and audio ports. If you point lome in right direction i would try helping. I have 5 of them. Three have and two have firmware.

Have anyone be able to install firmware successfully ? I have tried installing multiple firmware versions but it always comes back to the same one, which I assume AT&T has installed.

Do you mind sharing which serial settings did you use ?

A have the same issue...the GUI offered a new firmware, I accepted the upgrade, and after it no router settings...any solution? Thank you

forget about openwrt on it it's pure broadcom device, have few of them i mesh , master is 4930 with newer broadcom chips and is fast as hell , maybe someone make dd-wrt or tomato but for separate mesh network in my house is awesome.if You guys wanna stay on old firmware - simply block it on firewall gateway :slight_smile: