Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi Redmi AC2100

If someone can guide how and what information do you need about this router I can help since I have one.

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Ok, since 2 days ago I have managed to find the setting. Only on desktop you can see the whole thing. You can change channels, dns, qos, vpn...everything is there...on desktop :slight_smile: can not find this on phone even if you set desktop site.

Hardware-wise this device is probabably pretty similar to New Xiaomi Router AC2100

There's also a teardown of this device

I have this router as well, if you need something that I can extract, please let me know. Is it possible to unlock 160MHz on this model or that's not how any of this works? :smiley:

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Perfect, it looks like it has UART on board, good to know. I'm just waiting for one to arrive.

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