Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi Redmi AC2100

If someone can guide how and what information do you need about this router I can help since I have one.

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Ok, since 2 days ago I have managed to find the setting. Only on desktop you can see the whole thing. You can change channels, dns, qos, vpn...everything is there...on desktop :slight_smile: can not find this on phone even if you set desktop site.

Hardware-wise this device is probabably pretty similar to New Xiaomi Router AC2100

There's also a teardown of this device

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I have this router as well, if you need something that I can extract, please let me know. Is it possible to unlock 160MHz on this model or that's not how any of this works? :smiley:

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Perfect, it looks like it has UART on board, good to know. I'm just waiting for one to arrive.

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No progress on this, guys? I'm in doubt if I should buy this or the Mi Router 3G v1 that already supports OpenWRT


I'm from mainland China, and I'm also a user of Xiaomi router. I've used the router you mentioned. I think it's very nice to use. But ac2100 is worth buying.

Hey!The second link is missing.

Hey guys,
I've got a couple of these routers on my way from China, any progress with this project?
Did anyone tried this exploit on this router?


Vulnerability PoC doesn't work on 1.0.11.

Unfortunately, doesn't work.

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Why Xiaomi don't want us to overwrite their SW ? Why they care ? I dont understand it.

Anyone use this as daily?

I read a lot of complains of poor internet speed vs the Xiaomi Firmware.

I do as access points, I have 4 and they work great, notice the 70d uptime:

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As Wireless AP?

Receiving signal by cable and delivering Wi-Fi and Cable in several VLANs is what i need.

Watching this and the Linksys MR8300, but the Linksys is twice the price.

yes, receiving signal by ethernet from the main router spreading through the house.
I didn't configure any vlan though...

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Good range and speeds? I have 500down/200up and right now only get 90/90 because my secundary isn't Gigabit. I saw on youtube review the Redmi AC2100 delivering only 70mb with OpenWRT...

Tested on my phone, Mi 10.
I'm getting a bit better download speed on my macbook pro

My connection is 500/50


Hello Guys,
I think I screwed up and now I’ve disabled my router. :frowning:

I’ve tried several tutorials and I can’t get out of it, the router is with the blue lights on, but I can’t find it using any address, I use it as a router, because I have a modem from my Fiber Operator and I can only access internet because I activated wifi on this modem (is not very good the signal)..

You appear to already be on an openwrt image, use a sysupgrade with sysupgrade, not 'mtd write'.