Adding OpenWrt support for Xiaomi Redmi AC2100

If someone can guide how and what information do you need about this router I can help since I have one.

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Ok, since 2 days ago I have managed to find the setting. Only on desktop you can see the whole thing. You can change channels, dns, qos, vpn...everything is there...on desktop :slight_smile: can not find this on phone even if you set desktop site.

Hardware-wise this device is probabably pretty similar to New Xiaomi Router AC2100

There's also a teardown of this device

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I have this router as well, if you need something that I can extract, please let me know. Is it possible to unlock 160MHz on this model or that's not how any of this works? :smiley:

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Perfect, it looks like it has UART on board, good to know. I'm just waiting for one to arrive.

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No progress on this, guys? I'm in doubt if I should buy this or the Mi Router 3G v1 that already supports OpenWRT


I'm from mainland China, and I'm also a user of Xiaomi router. I've used the router you mentioned. I think it's very nice to use. But ac2100 is worth buying.

Hey!The second link is missing.

Hey guys,
I've got a couple of these routers on my way from China, any progress with this project?
Did anyone tried this exploit on this router?


Vulnerability PoC doesn't work on 1.0.11.

Unfortunately, doesn't work.

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