Adding OpenWrt support for Meraki MR53

4x4 802.11ac Wave 2 with Bluetooth Beacon & Multigigabit Ethernet

Product link:

FCC report:

Main Chips:

2 x QCA9994
Aquantia AQR105-B0-EG

Will post logs soon

Meraki MR53 boot log

Things to look out for:

Requested u-boot and kernel sources from Meraki per GPL license by emailing open-source meraki com

Next steps:

  • Review u-boot source to find backdoors for flashing and make sure there are no write
    protects or efuses as seen on the MR33 with newer u-boot

  • kernel GPL source will provide the device tree configuration file to help port the device to OpenWRT.

thanks riptidewave93

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Any news about this?

Meraki is processing my open source request.

Meraki has kindly released the sources.

I've uploaded them here with build instructions:

Next steps will be getting latest OpenWRT up and running and eventually feature parity

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Hi there - have there been any updates on this? Were you able to get it running?

I haven't been able to get the internal qca8511 switch to work, which both the PHYs are hooked into. I was able to make one of them work when using a modified second stage uboot that brings up the switch but that was it. ipq806x-dwmac also needs QSGMII support added though this was easy enough as all the info is available in qsdk.

Apart from this the device is the same as the MR52. I even installed the image on the MR53. Unfortunately I really don't have the time right now to make more progress.

What's the SSDK codename for QCA8511?

"Music Switch", is that it? Have also seen reference to it in your mikrotik repo as well.

That's a weird codename, will take a look at SSDK there is gotta be something there

The device type you want to look for is ipq806x_ap160_2xx. There are several devices with this qca8511/aq105 combo.

They really recycled the AP160 name for completely unrelated designs