Add support for TP-Link RE450 v3

I have the new TP-Link RE450 v3, will be supported by openwrt? if yes when will it be released the openwrt image for it?

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It will be supported once someone willing to put the time gets their hands on.
At least you can do is share specifications

@robimarko, there is any method to find these specification without open the box? I need to find the proper tri-wing screwdriver to open the case :frowning:

Not really

You might be able to get board photos by entering the FCC ID into

TP Link has lately been including such a high res that you cant identify the manufacturer of IC much less the model.

Guys the GPL source code from TP-Link contains OpenWRT to be compiled :slight_smile:
Can someone do it of us?

No, that source code appears to be incomplete, based on OpenWrt 12.09, and very similar to the RE450 v2.

Hi guys, just bought a TP-link Re450 from Unfortunately they delivered v3. v2 is working just fine with snapshot. Any chance current snapshot is working with v3 too?


You ended up testing this?


I only tested and using RE450 v2. V3 I did not. I did not want to brick a new device.

Recently got a V3 and if I am not mistaken it looks like the hardware is more or less identical to V2, regarding SoC, flash, RAM, radio and switch?

  • SoC: QCA9563-AL3A
  • flash: GD 25Q64CSIG
  • RAM: ESMT M14D5121632A
  • radio: QCA9880-BR4A
  • switch: Atheros AR8033-AL1A

If there's something I can test on the device, I'll gladly try it and report, but I never added support for a new device myself, so I wouldn't know where to start.

Apparently I can only upload a single file as a newly registered account, so more photos here in full resolution.

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only for comparision, here are some pics of my v2. It seems that only the power supply is different. All other components and IC's are the same. I guess there is a good chance that the V2 firmware is working on the V3 (own risk).



I'm quite angry at TP-Link, because they've just revoked their plans to add OneMesh support for this device and not even planning a new firmware release.

So, I'm happy to give snapshot a try and install on my router for testing if you say it worth a try.

I got a V3 btw.


If you know how to unbrick yourself, I think you should go for it.

Any news? Just got a V3 today and would love to get OpenWRT on it.

I didn't forget about this. 19.07.0 has just been released which supports V2, I'll try to install it on my V3 soon.

Currently trying to get a working serial connection, before I brick anything. But so far not successful.
There are two resistors labeled on the silk screen, one is R69 which is not populated and disconnects one of the pins (TX or RX), the other is R70, which seems to be a 1k pull-down for the very same pin.
According to other threads, vendors sometimes do this, and usually to the RX-Pin? So I first bridged R69, but it didn't change anything, then removed R70, but still can't get anything from serial.

Did anyone manage to do this? Maybe with V2? According to the pics from @MikeX it seems they didn't change that part.

has anyone tried installing v2 openwrt to v3 ?

I just receive v3 from Amazon. Any news or I returned it?