Add support for TP-Link RE450 v3

I have the new TP-Link RE450 v3, will be supported by openwrt? if yes when will it be released the openwrt image for it?

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It will be supported once someone willing to put the time gets their hands on.
At least you can do is share specifications

@robimarko, there is any method to find these specification without open the box? I need to find the proper tri-wing screwdriver to open the case :frowning:

Not really

You might be able to get board photos by entering the FCC ID into

TP Link has lately been including such a high res that you cant identify the manufacturer of IC much less the model.

Guys the GPL source code from TP-Link contains OpenWRT to be compiled :slight_smile:
Can someone do it of us?

No, that source code appears to be incomplete, based on OpenWrt 12.09, and very similar to the RE450 v2.

Hi guys, just bought a TP-link Re450 from Unfortunately they delivered v3. v2 is working just fine with snapshot. Any chance current snapshot is working with v3 too?


You ended up testing this?


I only tested and using RE450 v2. V3 I did not. I did not want to brick a new device.