Add support for TP-Link RE450 v4

I recently bought the TP-Link RE450 and found out that this is the new v4 version. First question is if someone is working on an update? If not, maybe someone can give me some advice on how to find out if the current release would work with this device.

There is a thread regarding v3 (Add support for TP-Link RE450 v3) and maybe the hardware is simmilar to that device. With some help I should be able to try out building an image for the v4.

Since there is no GPL Code on the TP_Link site, there is not much information I could provide by now, but I'm going to open the device in the next few days to get some images of the hardware.


I opened the device today and it looks really different from v3. Can anyone give me some hints what ist what?

So I did some research. According to other Routers the SoC seems to be TP1900BN with 4MB Flash size? So chances getting OpenWrt on that device are low?

I‘ve the same problem, any news yet?

I received a RE450 v4 device too. Looking forward to get it OpenWrt supported.

The C80 has the same chip so i see little chances this device will be supported in the future. Personally I'll go with a second C6 (if I get a V2.0) it's cheaper and supports openwrt