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Hi guys,

I have a bricked phicomm k3 which i'm trying to revive and will require some spi soldering etc. I see there is a large community over , unfortunately can't get access. I'll need at least a file downloaded.

I see payments are required for registering and accessing content which is perfectly fine with me but couldn't figure Alipay (and not sure if i want my cc there). If someone has account there and can help me with grabbing some files I'm of course willing to wire the required cash via paypal. Or if you know a way i can register in other way than Alipay.


Send the link to the post,I'll download it for you.

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So far I'm after from this thread. There a lot of scrolling involved. Once my chips arrive I might need something else but that should get me rolling and is highly appreciated.

There you go.
At the end of that article, the author noted that he could not flash on Windows10,instead he suggest using Windows XP.

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if i get the soldering and the chips right, i will install windows 95 if required :slight_smile:
Thanks again.

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While RavenChan is extremely helpful, i still hope others will jump in and share their solutions to the problem. I will not mark the topic as solved yet.

I'd be curious how to get an account there as well, and I think a more general manual would interest many. In the meantime, I am desparately trying to download a bootloader backup file for my router, and right. com. cn appears to be the only source. So if @RavenChan or anyone else could help me out, that would be awesome. Specifically, I am looking for the ""
from this thread:

direct link to attachment:

Sorry for the code-formatted links, the forum wouldn't allow me to format them as proper links.

Someone mentioned me? :slightly_smiling_face:
Link below.


Awesome! Thanks a lot!!

You're messing with bootloader,be careful.

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To get an account of that website.You have to pay like 0.15USD,which is nothing.
The thing is,it only accept payment via Alipay...For someone who lives outside China,that may not be easy. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bootloader works like a charm - thanks again :slight_smile:

only accept payment via Alipay

Interesting, I'll see if I can create an account via an aliexpress account.

Hi again, can you please download this - and share it. So far openwrt wifi is highly unstable and want to see how it is in Merlin. Cheers

There are several files in the thread, so I pack them altogether.And there is a flashing tutorial, use Google Translate for that.I personally know nothing about Merlin,so...
Link below:

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much appreciated, thanks again!

please brother can you help me to download this file is highly appreciated

Here it is.
1.Use translator for the instruction,Google Translate or Deepl or sth.
2.Use it at your own risk.
If you brick your device,that's on you. :laughing:

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Thank you very much my brother you save me thanks

Not a problem.

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