Access to right . com . cn

Sorry I've been busy recently. :joy:
Now, in that post the author state that in order to prevent someone from taking his/her work for doing business,the software was set to only start up 10 times.
After that, you have to contact him/her to get authenticated.
Link below.

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big thanks my friend but its give me link with password to download what is the password ? , Thanks a lot!!

Geez...I didn't check what's inside that archive.My bad.
It's another download link to the Baidu Drive :joy:
I'll download it and re-upload here.

Link below:

There's a TXT file in it.That's a instruction,in Chinese.Use translator for it.
And again use it at your own risk.

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Google decided it that the archive looks suspious.I upload it to Dropbox.

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i dont find words to thank you big big big thanks my friend

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Do you already have access to I'm trying to register but always failed.
I want to download file in this thread

Hello !
I have exactly the same issue . I want the last version of k3 phicomm.
I have tried to register . I have downloaded Alipay

However , they don’t like my credit card .
Please , can somebody help me to download the last version ? I think is 386.9. The link is


Please let me know if finally you can .

Got it.Link below.

Again, use it on your own rick. :laughing:

Thank you . You are a f…ing master ! I hope one day to have my own account . I can send you money by paypal :joy: to have an invitation code .

Hi Ravenchan, I am new in this topic and I am the owner of a Wavlink Quantum Dax (‎WL-WN538A8) router, based on Phicomm K3. The signal device is instable, often the networks drop or disappear (2.4/5Ghz or both) and reset the device does not have any effect on it. I saw you uploaded the Merlin Open WRT firmware (W-K3_386.9_0_cfe.trx) for another user. I only know that I need a TTL to USB interface to flash my device with a *trx firmware but I do not know exactly which are the steps I have to follow and I do not want to brick it. Internet is plenty of information but sometimes it results a bit confusing, expecially for newbies. Do you have a step by step tutorial (For dummies) that explains how to flash this router? Thank you very much in advance. Kind Regards

Hi seralej,
I'm afraid I cannot help you with that.
You see, there's a pay wall in this site and I happened to have an account.
So I did what I could to help people to get some firmware from it.
Since it has been a while I play with Openwrt, my knowledge is a bit outdated.
However,I would suggest you to open a new topic to ask a step by step tutorial,I am sure there are experienced people happy to help you.

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Thanks anyway. :+1:

thank you very much Mr @RavenChan can you give me this app link its very imprtant for me to unlock my router

Got it.Link below.

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That post mentioned that in Windows 11 some additional runtime file might be needed.
Those files are in the "Win11_dll.rar".
Also, use some translator etc. for the tutorial included,you'll need it.

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thank you for quick reply but i dont know why google dont let me download this file
and give me this messaage Sorry. You cannot access this item because it does not comply with our Terms of Use.

Yeah.I've received the email says:

These restrictions were put in place because this content violates Google Drive's [Malware and Similar Malicious Content policy ].

Maybe because it contains some dll files?