A modern web interface for OpenWrt implemented in vue.js and element-ui

Home: https://github.com/zhaojh329/oui

  • Fast: Use static pages; access any kind of system data via ubus
  • Multi User: Support for multi-user and access management
  • Vue + Element-UI: Enjoy the dev experience of Vue + Element-UI



Looks interesting, might have a dabble with this on my WRT32X.

Looks nice but the sidebar might be a little too bland. I have yet to find a theme that really lures me away from bootstrap.

  • darkreader :wink:
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I felt the same way for a long time, but then I found out about luci-theme-atmaterial, which is an OpenWrt theme based on the interface from the (now discontinued) AdvancedTomato firmware. You can see screenshots of AdvancedTomato here: https://advancedtomato.com

For some reason, though, @solidus1983 chose to make that theme specific to Davidc502's unofficial builds for four Linksys routers, rather than making it available to OpenWrt users in general. Why he chose that, I really don't know.

@wterlave89 check your dm's

Right now on topic struggling to compile oui for some reason I followed all the steps marked on your site however it still hits out error 2 and dies.

I don't see it anywhere.

chrome plugin

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How do I try it?

Have you seen this? https://zhaojh329.github.io/oui/guide/compile.html#update-feed

Tried compiling myself however it was erroring out like a madman.