$7 aliexpress MT7620N 4 MB Flash 64 MB RAM wifi repeater


$ 7 USD fast shipment included.

Firmware can be flashed through web interface.

SoC MediaTek MT7620N
RAM Samsung K4T511630G hce6 (512 MBit / 64 MB)
Flash 25L3206E (32 MBit / 4 MB)
One ethernet interface, two internal wifi antennas. Two buttons (WPS and Reset).

There is a lot of devices with the same external box, but different boards, socs, and so on.

I've received this recently with that configuration.

I know 4 MB is too little to OpenWRT, but some people doesnt need all the packages of standard openwrt, besides it can be loaded extra packages through network once a minimal dist is started.

Factory firmware is like this: (I think eCos based, 1 MB size):



Board is similar to https://fccid.io/2A6JVGT001/Internal-Photos/Internal-Photographs-5847606
But it's not exactly the same

is someone more interested or just me alone? :laughing:

19.07 was the last version that supported 4/32 operation (and really it couldn't run properly), and we're now several years past that. Even with 19.07, you can really only fit OpenWrt if you remove thinkgs like LuCI and the opkg package manager itself.... you might even have to remove critical features like the firewall if there was anything else you wanted to isntall. So no, even with the most minimal distribution, you'd be hard pressed to be able to install anything else.

It is extremely unlikely that anybody would spend time to add OpenWrt support for such a low spec device given that 4/32 devices are officially unsupported and it would be effectively impossible to fit with the linux kernel as it is now (and support would never be added retroactively).

Of course, you could certainly try to get it running, if you want.


Maybe I didnt explain it well.

If a minimal dist start the system and access network, then you can load all the extra packages of a full openwrt dist (like luci) in each boot from network (like a own remote http server) to RAM.

So a 4MB device can enjoy fully all the features of a standard openwrt dist. This device has 64 MB RAM.

This device is only behind minimal specs in flash memory, it has enough RAM and enough processor to run modern openwrt versions. And you dont need a big flash memory if you have permanent internet connection to download all you need.

BTW the price is so low as 5$ shipment included in large amount (like 100 pieces).

I think a high specs devices is useful for some uses, but certainly it's not for all uses.

The kernel alone is likely to be more than the 4mb you’ve got, you’re not going to boot the kernel over the network are you?

Yes, kernel modules can be loaded through network, you only need the minimum to achieve connection and download files.

I think it's just incredible such machine for just $7.

Even only the power adaptor is more expensive in some shops :joy:

For me, no doubt the endeavor is worth. For personal use and for a lot of professional uses.

I have a bridge to sell you ....

or you just don't realize you're buying/selling/promoting pure garbage.

lol, right
please use the AX logo as your avatar.

I dunno man. In isolation 7usd is nothing, but from a dodgy noname brand without verified Openwrt support and only 4MB flash you might as well treat yourself to a cheeseburger instead.

On the used marked you get like "proper" repeater devices from proper brands, and with openwrt support for 5-10usd. The reason is that wifi speeds (on paper at least) have have really accelerated the last years. Also 2,5 and 10Gbit ethernet is becoming more and more mainstream. Fact is that most of us are still on Wifi 5, while Wifi 7 is about to launch. So even good AC1200-1900 repeaters are almost given away since they are seen are "useless".

It depends of your project/ideas budget.

Maybe your 100 USD router is pure garbage from the point of view of a big project with 1,000 USD routers, and so on.

If you dont like, dont use, but it works.

I started using OpenWRT more than one decade ago, with kamikaze and 16 MB RAM routers, and I did great things.

the device we're talking about here, is from that same era, and should have stayed there, imho.

I found this thread. So there is more people interested Support for generic device "Repiter"

ask them if they're still interested, don't forget to mention net boot is required ...

64 MB RAM and 600 MHz is in this cheap device. The same than some current officially supported last versions OpenWRT devices.

One decade ago kamikaze worked fine in AR2315 SoC with 180 Mhz and 16 MB RAM. And of course, more expensive routers in that date, well, it was another age, and another speeds, but for some applications is still useful.

You're not giving useful information, I dont understand what are you doing in this thread, maybe it's you who want to promote/sell expensive routers, who knows. But I can swear to you, I'm not a Aliexpress vendor :joy:.

I don't mind the RAM size, I dislike the flash size.
As someone already mentioned, 4mb flash devices are EOL, 8mb will be after next stable release.

Cool, enjoy your time machine ...
The rest of the world have moved on, perhaps you should too.

Should you and me form a club ?

I gave router specs, something is something.

Looks like you are convinced that you found a nice device at a great price, and nobody is going to be able to change your mind. I guess it's time to move on and enjoy your device. Please, keep us informed of your advances.

It's not a great device, it's just the cheapest device that I've seen working.

And if you need a large amount of devices for some project, it can be a option, or maybe, the only option.

I will post news about it if I see someone interested.

4MB flash, 64MB Ram I'm impressed. It must have taken some doing to fit their own firmware plus all the requisite malware on board.

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If I find something cheaper, will you buy it instead ?

I wouldn't hold my breath.