Support for generic device "Repiter"

Hello all,

I got a very generic Wifi repeater device with a LAN port. 1200Mpbs, 2.4G, 5G. Now I want to use it as AP, and it looks like it is not possible. Also, its IP address is a fixed immutable 192.168.188.something.

So it would be very good if it had openwrt support. Maybe it is identical to something else that has support. Or maybe one of these completely generic words on it are a brand name or model (Yes I have literally seen this before). Maybe the brand name is "User name" and the model is "admin". Or the brand name is "IP address" and the model starts with "192.168..." (This is not 4/1, I'm serious) (I tried the same with my user name here, and found out the idea is not unique :slight_smile:

Or maybe it has some kind of a non-generic word as a brand name. The device itself, its web page, and the manual contain nothing. The packaging contains "ALD016_1", and its description (title) where you can buy it, on many platforms, contains "Repiter" (sic) (does it rhyme with Jupiter or with biter, someone who bites?)

It has a way to upgrade firmware, but no place to get upgrades.

Does anyone know this device and got openwrt running on it, or knows "this can't work because X"?

Or does anyone know a "brand name" associated with it? OK, radio stations are all called something like "Radio Station" or "Antenna", but if a Wifi repeater is named in this way, I guess one might remember :slight_smile:

Link: (may go away some day)

Title: " 5 Ghz WiFi Repeater Wireless Wifi Extender 1200Mbps Wi-Fi Amplifier 802.11N Long Range Wi fi Signal Booster 2.4G Wifi Repiter" is the same on other platforms

Now I found a brand name "ALANGDUO", somewhere else "EASYIDEA", which is in the "Brand name" column on the platform. For ALANGDUO: Diverse products, no web site I can find.

It seems to me there are currently more competitive products even if this one has Openwrt support.

thanks a lot

Edit: fix IP address, hint, links

Got this link via PM:

Found myself this similar looking one (could be a clone): LV-AC24:

FCC info for LV-AC24:

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From outside, these all look like the same thing. However, the Pixlink version has FCC info, and this leads to a manual. According to the manual, the Pixlink version has different software: default AP name containing "PIX-LINK", default IP address as opposed to 192.168.188.x, and it explicitly has AP mode.

Maybe this firmware can be installed on the generic version. However, maybe this will just brick it.

It's a MT7628DAN SoC + MT7613 5 GHz radio. Could not see the numbers on the flash chip. The MT7628DAN is a MT7628 with integral 64 Mbyte RAM. It's potentially supportable.

Though at the $23 price point I'd spend $29 on an already supported MT7621 based router. Note that the $12.99 price is a different unit that is 2.4 only.

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Some news. First, I "almost" opened it, and saw it seems to look a little different from the pics in FCC info. So I guess there are various hardware variants and various "brands" using the (almost) same case.

Then I found running on it:
23/tcp open telnet
80/tcp open http
5060/tcp filtered sip
MAC Address: 00:1F:01:6D:FB:51 (Nokia Danmark A/S)

For telnet, admin/admin and root/admin don't work.

This is not the Pixlink, it is my "semi-branded" "Repiter".

What do you mean by "almost"?
What is different to the FCC photos?

I did not open it completely. It has a hidden mechanism, not in the edges of the case, that keeps it together. Opening it might turn it into not one but two bricks.

I could take a peek inside. The board with the bulky parts might be the same. The big bottom square board fills the whole area with rounded corners, while the Pixlink version has its corners cut out with rectangular shapes.

The Pixlink opens from the top (LEDs and WPS button), mine opens from the bottom (where the plug is).

So I guess they look very much the same, the marketing looks and very similar, but they are different devices with likely different hardware and software.

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