$7 aliexpress MT7620N 4 MB Flash 64 MB RAM wifi repeater

If it works and it has same or better SoC/RAM, yes.

It has telnet 23 open and no information about why or how access, so maybe you're right.
But the official firmware I think is a lot smaller, about 1 MB (eCos based).

It may be working with the vendor firmware, and it may be cheap.

But, as previously discussed OpenWrt cannot reasonably run on this device due to the limited storage (22.03 requires 8/64 minimum, and that minimum combination will likely become unsupported for 23.x or 24.x). Therefore, because this device will not supportable by OpenWrt, this thread does not belong on these forums (which are intende to be OpenWrt focused).

As such, I am closing this thread now.

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