3ginfo problem i need a fix

Hi i installed 3ginfo package but for some reason I'm not geting the whole connection information what is problem? Any fix? Or something missing ?

Hi @Screem12 , the package you have installed is old and no longer being developed, so there is no guarantee how much it will read from the modem.
Secondly, how much time did you spend on configuration? adapting the package to what you have set in the system.. because I see wrong settings here. The name of the wan interface does not match what you have on your system with the name the modem is running under.

So what configuration ? You mean device? TtyUSB0 ? Because on TTyUSB0 same as my modem and didn't get any info. Once i changed it to TtyUSB2,3 it starts giving some info. Anyway is there is any better package than this? Or maybe any fix?

What configuration? Openwrt can do a lot, but the user has to adjust the configuration.
In your photo you can see that there is no correct connection data, this section is responsible for the correct name of the wan interface (section "Network" in the settings). The port for communication with the modem is set correctly because the packet reads the signal strength.

The operator field will appear after replacing the file content

to the content of this file

I don't know if there is a better package, but I am currently working on the package below:

The port for communication with the modem is set correctly because the packet reads the signal strength

Can you tell me how to do that? And figure out which port is it ?

You wrote above that you set the ttyUSB2/ttyUSB3 port and data is read on these settings.

Yes true it shows. ( The signal strength and other data ) but i want to fix package and and make it this way. Can u help me?

I'm sorry, but I don't understand. What do you want to fix? Can I help? with what? I don't know what the problem is. After installation, the package requires two things to configure, select the port for communication with the modem and specify the name of the interface associated with the modem.

I want to install luci-app-3info lite i was asking about this.

Any link for this package

Is LuCI APP: luci-app-3ginfo - 3ginfo gui (Info about 3G/LTE connection) still valid, @IceG ?

On my github it is explained/simply described how to install everything and what is required step by step.

Have you read? Did you follow the instructions?

You only need to know the architecture of your router to manually download the sms-tool.

@frollic The package works, but I dropped support for it. Currently, only the lite version is worth upgrading.

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I was trying to upgrade to lite version but sms tool i couldnt download it it says error. Beside this. The update list stop updating and gives me failed and showing me failed at line 6

If you can help me to fix this problem i will be greatfull. I'm just new to this openwrt.

The easiest thing to do is to write that there is a error and do nothing.

If you followed my instructions, you would have installed it long ago. I showed where to download sms-tool manually.

You have an error with the Openwrt repository but my repository would probably work, from the photo above I see that you didn't either.

It is easier to help if you can see that someone is trying, otherwise when someone has not done anything.

Welcome to the club .... How to make my wan ip address static - #12 by frollic

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I admire your level of patience :slight_smile:

You see now it works !! Sorry because i stressed you with many questions before !!! Thank you

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It was obvious that the package worked, it just needed to be properly configured by the user. If you add my repository you will be able to install more packages useful for modem.

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