Zyxel (spharion) 5501(=VMG8546-D70A) add to openwrt

I have the source gpl from zyxel. it's working! ... now just porting to openwrt ... can someone help?


More information from the device under : Zyxel (spharion) 5501(=VMG8546-D70A) + 6501 . Anyone has tried to launch openwrt on that?

the project to port the SL5501 and SL6501 to Openwrt. I have already come so far that you can create a ram image, but Wlan and Lan4 do not work, the rest but already and have taken everything important from the OSC/GPL and uploaded to my Github page, link: https://github.com/tobyw121/Zyxel-SL5501-and-SL6501-openwrt

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Any hope of this being picked up!? That would be nice, excellent, even. And thanks for your consideration and kindness!