Zyxel omni II, bugs in last firmware, wrong Lan Wan, it's mixed up

Hi all. I use last firmware openwrt 22.03.05 on my zyxel keenetic omni II.

I have problem. The Lan4 port and Wan port - mixed up.

That is:

Can you fix it? Or should I fix it myself?

This is real shit and a pain in the ass ((

P. S. I also have the keenetic omni (not ii).
There is everything good and fine

Since you have this device, you can easily fix it yourself and create a PR on github or send a patch to the mailing list. Looks like support for both devices was added at the same time with the exact same port map:


Either something went wrong during conversion to the current dts-based setup or it was mixed up from the begining.

Unfortunately, I don't understand this.

But yes, I have 2 devices on my hands Omni and Omni II.
Everything is perfect on Omni. And on Omni II, the ports are "mirrored".

What should I do to fix this?
By the way, I tried firmware 22.0.0 - the ports are also mixed up there.

Problem only on Omni ii

Can you fix firmware 22.03.05 (latest for Omni ii) - I'll try it and get back to you?


No, someone else might do this, but I do not touch devices that I do not have/own.
That said: You can easily redefine LAN/WAN within OpenWrt, that's just the default behaviour which is messed up.

Who then needs to write to fix it? After all, the error is not only in this firmware ....

It's problem only on Omni ii

You. Or anybody else how runs into this trouble.
But again: on this device, this is cosmetic. Just change the LAN/WAN assignment within OpenWrt and you are good to go. Or swap cables!?

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How to change interface br-lan (Wan, Lan1, lan3, lan2) to lan1 lan2 lan3 Lan4?

I need to show the correct ports in the Switch tab

Did I understand correctly that your br-lan interface contains WAN, LAN4, LAN3 and LAN2, i.e. they are labelled like this in LuCI or /etc/config/network? Can you show a screenshot / the content of the file of this behaviour?

br-lan = WAN,LAN1,LAN3,LAN2


Andy, you can see my problem....


I still don't get why this is a big problem (it's just labelling), but you cannot easily change it. You can turn the port labelled "WAN" on the casing into the port behaving as WAN, but it will still be called "LAN4" on this page in LuCI.

If you want to fix it, you need to fix the .dts, create a PR and make it official.

I understand. The problem is only with the WAN port.

I need to swap LAN4 and WAN.

But I still need them to display correctly. Because it's a perfectionist's disease.

I thought that all the ports were mixed up. And now I realized that the problem is only in LAN4 and WAN. They need to be swapped and so that the necessary pictures light up in the "switch" tab. Otherwise I won't be able to live like this. Why does everyone give a shit about this? :slight_smile:

Can this be fixed via SSH? I want everything to be perfect

Would you mind reading my posts? I told you twice that a proper fix requires editing the .dts and creating a PR.