Zyxel omni II, bugs in last firmware, wrong Lan Wan, it's mixed up

I understand. Thank))

In general, I understand correctly that firmware 23,24,25....etc will be released. New firmwares. For Omni ii.

And everyone will also give a shit and this bug will always be?

I thought this is what this forum is for. I pointed out the problem, the developers will fix it. Or those who understand it.

I am just a user.

Yes and no, the bug tracker is better suited for this kind of problems (https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/issues). This forum is more for guidance on how to do it yourself. The latter is the preferred method anyway, and it really isn't difficult. Plus you gain a lot of insight and learn a lot.

I understand, thank. I try it

I find it. I donwload file soon. I fix network map.

All in all. I was able to assemble the firmware for Omni ii on my own and learned a lot of new things. This is great.

But there is 1 point. I could not fix the bug with the WAN port.

I found a line in .dts - "mediatek,portmap = "llllw";"

I changed it to - mediatek,portmap = "wllll";

But this did not bring results.

What should be changed in .dts? And How?

Need to change the file along the directory - home/openwrt/target/linux/ramips/dts/mt7620n_zyxel_keenetic-omni-ii.dts??
And should it work or not?

Maybe the changes don't apply? How to apply them?

Apart from changing the .dts, what did you do to test it? I.e. how did you compile the firmware and upload it to your device?