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Hi, installed a Zabbix Frontend to try the appliance directly on the router. I've installed also the correlateds below.

When I open the browser screen I would have expected to have a dashboard more or less similar to the one I saw on the servers and instead I find myself having a similar problem. It seems that the interface is not being interpreted correctly. Should anything else be installed? Maybe something php on the router. I had try three different browser on two PC's. Same problem both of them.

If i click on ones of them the browser do not open the link but he attemp to download the related file.

Any suggestions about that?

I had try to install the remained packages related to zabbix, rebooted the router but nothings change. I might think something don't run properly.

apache and php are listed as requirements for zabbix.

Are you sure you have setup both (especially php) correctly?

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actually no @tmomas ... i'll check and report

OK php and its dependencies were already installed but apache was missing. I installed it but there was probably still something missing. However the system was getting heavy and I took it off. I test the agent with an external zabbix server on VM.

@stevennausak do you made it?
I have same problem about it.

External zabbix server works with agent on openwrt.

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Do you mean i installed a zabbix service on ubuntu and then use this service to connect openWRT?

I want to install zabbix service on openWRT, then I can control my IOT device.

Yes, zabbix service on ubuntu and connect to openwrt agent. This is what I did already.
zabbix service on openwrt MIGHT be possible, for a "large" device (32MB flash, 256MB RAM, MMC/SSD ?) , I guess, because of required DB, web server and PHP.


Can you detect abnormal traffic from connected clients(IOT) on zabbix and show the traffic details for IOT?

I don't know if this can be achieved,because I have a requirement, I need to know the IOT information and IOT traffic abnormality, and send an email to notify the user

This sounds like commercial project. Doing sw development myself, for a living, no free consultation. Sorry.

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You were give this information already:

Hi sorry for late. Zabbix server is too heavy un my quad core router. So i've abandoned idea.

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