Is there any OpenWrt packages monitor traffic anomalies with SMTP?

I want to monitor traffic anomalies with email notification.

  • Can you provide a more detailed description?
  • What kind of anomalies?
  • Are you saying you want to get email notifications about X; or that you want notifications about email issues?

The main purpose is to monitor whether the traffic of the connected client changes suddenly, which is different from the usual data, so it may be hacked, so at this time, you need to send an email notification to the user to check.

Something like zabbix.

But I have no idea how to install zabbix on openWRT,so I want to try to find other packages, or do you have any idea how to install zabbix on openWRT?

opkg update; opkg find *zabbix*

I don't know how to setup in zabbix. I have no idea. In zabbix official website, there is no document for OpenWRT version.

I want to set up a zabbix on my router to listen to the traffic of each contacted client traffic

You just install the agent and connect Zabbix to it like any other device. So it would be setup in your Zabbix Server like any other equipment.

You may want to search the forum for others who've installed Zabbix.

Well, you need to decide what "traffic of the connected client changes suddenly, which is different from the usual data" means for you (I'm sure there is not checkbox labeled as such :smiley: ), configure that, and setup to be mailed when the threshold is met.

And that wouldn't necessarily mean something was lost me on that part.

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I use Zabbix Appliance on VMware and it work pretty well. My idea is Zabbix need some strong Hardware based bare metal than also quad core router. Different question if you use something like a Virtual Router where hardware based is stronger than router. Said that you can use a SNMP option instead the agent if enough. The key point in passive mode is choice the proper template or not work. I suggest you to try Zabbix appliance on VMware product or also a ISO image to use on other virtualization system.

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