Xiaomi MIR3 Router garbage Serial output - Part2

I was reading this topic about the router, activated serial output like the Wiki said, but I just get this scrambled output. I even soldered the GND pid to a big GND pin of the power jack, no luck. All serial speeds, no luck.

I followed the installing of Pandorabox and then back to stock, but now it bricks and I still have no serial output.

I desoldered the LED Pins of the TTL Adapter, no luck. I tried 3 adapters, 2 OS, different cables, all the same. Is there a way, I did not find via Google, to get serial output and could flash the kernel0 and bootloader with TFTP oder USB, or did I finally brick the thing?

I'm normally working on Linux, use screen for TTY (screen /dev/ttyUSB0 ) and had no problems with any router until now. But after 2 weeks, I think of burning this router.

What does this mean?

Ground should be connected to Ground of the remote end of the serial connection.

just reading the device page for R3, you said you installed PB which requires a PB bootloader. Maybe the bootloader is in Chinese which is why it is scrambled.

If GND is connected to the shared GND, would it be like no GND at all? I never had a problem with solderpoints and I just made sure, it has GND when I was unable to find the error.

No, you put both ends of the Serial connection at the same Electrical Potential - theoretically, 0.

I'm not sure what you think needs to be "Grounded" by your statement (unless you were referring to "True Earth").

Are you saying GND to GND works - and you removed it?

EDIT - :warning: If you are doing this in some High Voltage environment, etc. Please use care and practices for raising/lowering equipment to the same potential.

With shared ground, I mean the grounding plane of the board. If you look closely on the GND pin, it has no trace except it's on a big plane, this is the ground plane of the whole board.
I measured between the GND Via I found, the GND, USB case and power plug, all are on the same GND plane.

And it was from the start, I soldered the pin header in and plugged my tty adapter onto it like always, and the garbage output was there. I just had no real reason to put endless time into it when the flashing works without it.

The AC1200 repeater worked out of the box with the same adapter, so the adapter is ok. 3 other routers, I have laying around, work too.

I think, I have a defective SOC or something different, maybe a resistor. If I have time at Saturday, I will get out my microscope and take a closer look.

The PSU is externally, it has nothing to do with that. You can't solder the GND to earth on a socket, that would be really bad.

High current circuits are easier to test because the test points are way bigger :wink: