Xiaomi Mi WiFi R3G switching from Padavan to OpenWrt

Hey guys,

I have the Xiaomi Mi WiFi R3G (v1), and I installed padavan a while ago.
I want to switch to openWrt now, but I am not sure of the process to do.

Of course I tried following the SSH process, but the mtd commands give me "mtd: not found", it seems like the router doesn't recognize mtd commands.
I also tried with mtd_write but then it doesn't recognize kernel1 or rootfs0.

Does any of you know how should I proceed to flash openWrt to the router safely?

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Check if there's a procedure in Padavan for reverting to stock, or any other kind of recovery.
If not, using USB TTL might be required.

Or if the source for Padavan is available, you can compile the mtd tools yourself, and transfer
them to your router.

Thanks, actually I got it working after doing lot of reading on the Russian forum.

The process I used is flashing breed bootloader, compiling openwrt in one flashable image that I flashed with breed, added some parameters to boot correctly into openwrt, and now it works fine!

I might do a tutorial of some sort for everyone who needs it, since it's a pain to find the right info and tools.


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